Are you a Data Science enthusiast? If yes, then this article is for you! This article covers one of the most important Data Science interview questions that is, “What are your top 5 data science case studies?” Let’s have a look at the following most famous Data Science Case Studies, that every Data Science student or professional should know!

1. Use of Data Science in Pharmaceutical Industries

With the improvement in data analytics and cloud-driven advances, it is currently simpler to investigate huge datasets of patient data. It is safe to say that the use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Pharmaceutical Industries has indeed helped grow oncology!

With new drug items arising each day, it is hard for the doctors to keep themselves refreshed on the treatment items. Besides, more nonexclusive indicative treatment alternatives think that it’s hard to take advantage of a complex serious market.

It is utilized to perceive the examples of advanced commitment of doctors and their prescriptions. The principle rationale of this data science contextual analysis is to share the issues confronted and how data science gives answers for that.

2. Spotify: Data Scientist’s Magic

Have you ever used Spotify? Well, who hasn’t! Spotify is the right place for music lovers, and if you are a permanent visitor of that app, you must have noticed how Spotify makes a playlist for you, relating it to the songs you have listened to and we can all agree to the fact that it does a mind-blowing job! But there’s always that one question “How do they do it?” The answer behind this magical job is Data Science!

The objective of the “This Is” playlist study is to classify the music of different artists on Spotify, section the styles, and classify them into how loud they are, what the dance ability of the song is, what kind of energy the songs have, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

To begin, a data researcher took a glance at Spotify’s API, which gathers and gives data from Spotify’s music index. After getting the data from Spotify’s API, they:

  1. Handled the data to separate sound highlights for every Spotify Artist
  1. Pictured the data utilizing D3.js.
  1. Isolate the artists into various groups by using K-mean clustering.
  1. Examined each component for every one of the artists.

3. Netflix: Big Data brings Big Engagement

For the people who do not understand industry well, here’s an example that you can surely relate to. Netflix started as a small Mail-order DVD company, but now it has 53 million plus registered members, and is famous across more than 50 countries. How did they do it?

Have you ever watched a Dog movie on Friday, and on Saturday, the recommendations show mostly dog movies? That’s the power of Data Science. If your business needs audience engagement, then your business basically needs Data Science. Not just recommendation purposes, Netflix also uses Data Science to gather insight on licenses and new content. Once the recommendations are presented and the audience engages in it, it satisfies the customer and also helps the business grow better.

4. Education and Data Science

Data Science has additionally changed the manner by which students connect with teachers and assess their presentation. Educators can utilize data science to dissect the feedback given by the students and use it to improve their instructing.

Data Science can be utilized to make useful models that can anticipate the drop-out pace of students dependent on their presentation and educate the educators to play it safe and do the needful.

Likewise, online instruction stages are utilizing data science to monitor the students, mechanize the task assessment and better the course dependent on understudy feedback. By this, Data Science is improving both, teachers and students’ experience.

So, to summarize, Data Scientists are the brain of a company, and if that’s not functioning, there’s not much to offer. They work hard to ensure customer satisfaction and growth of the business at the same time, hence providing customer loyalty and more. If you’re someone who is interested in Data Science as a career, choose a good Data Science Institute in Delhi and embark on your journey!