Whether it is hiring a new candidate for a job role or simply letting the tenants move into your house, conducting a background check is important. In addition to helping you know the person more, it allows you to mitigate the risk of allowing a wrong person to enter your life. Moreover, it also helps save a lot of money and makes you hire right. 

But how do you conduct a background check? Well, there are several background check services offering a range of screenings. Traditionally, a background check includes criminal history, education, employment records, personal and professional references and credit report. It also includes address details. 

So, want to conduct a background check on your tenant or a new candidate? Here are the best background check websites you must know about-

First Advantage

Offering international assistance and providing background checks within 24 hours, First Advantage has to be our first pick. In addition to giving details on criminal records, education and employment, the website also offers a vivid amount of information related to drug testing and even fingerprint-based checks. 

Another best thing about the company; all you have to do is enter the information, and the company will manually reach out for the information. In short, the company will contact the candidates themselves in case it requires any additional information. 

The only downside is that the interface can sometimes be a little sloppy and might freeze. Also, if employment had a gap, this site won’t show that. 


Looking for a new house or simply on the search for new tenants? This site is here to help. The website is known for offering instant results. One thing that makes it exceptional is that it offers credit reports as well. 

So, a landlord can check their tenant’s credit score to get an idea of their financial situation and if they will be able to afford the rent or not. 

While tenants have to pay a small fee of around $19 to access the landlord’s information, it is entirely free for landlords. After the landlord has selected their tenants on Rentberry, they can send an e-sign rental agreement to close the deal. 

The downside; the credit reports are not that detailed, and tenants might have to still pay for a background check even if they are not selected by the landlords. 


Do you plan on hiring more than 25 candidates every year? If yes, GoodHire has to be your first pick. The website offers a standard criminal check. However, if you want more, you would have to pay more. 

The company offers basic, standard and premium checks, which might cost you $29.99, $54.99, and $79.99, respectively. In addition to this, you must also pay a one-time starting fee. 

While simple identification can be instant, criminal checks might take 1-3 days, while civil checks take 1-7 days. 

And, if you are planning to do bulk hiring, you can contact the company to get a customized quote. 


Easy to use, interactive interface and fully online, Checkr is the best option if you want to search for the right candidate for your company. The best thing; the website offers simple reports to help the company make the right decision in a short time. Checkr also produces research related to background checks for businesses to learn from.

Through this site, you can bulk invite candidates and go for background checks by paying just $10 per check. However, if you want to bulk hire, you can also receive a customized quote. 

In A Nutshell

Conducting a background check is important as it helps you make an informed decision. But with so many options to choose from, it’s vital you make the right choice by choosing the right website for conducting background checks. Before making a choice, you must do your research and understand what you actually want.