There is no doubt that the stock market is always exciting, from the daily ups and downs to unpredictable patterns. Among all these, stocks have seen tremendous growth with the advancement of technology. Nowadays, there are numerous stock trading software that you can use to buy and sell stocks and other investment options. But how do you know if one stock trading software works better than the other? Here is a review of trading platforms’ software.

What is Stock Trading Software?

Stock trading software is a computer application that helps traders trade stocks and other financial instruments. It can execute trades and watch the performance of your portfolio. Stock trading software is also known as algorithmic trading or automated trading. It uses computers to place trades based on pre-set rules and indicators automatically.

An ai trading platform will track all market movements and calculate buy/sell signals. It will execute these instructions with no human intervention needed. Stock traders can use AI stock trading software to buy and sell stocks. They can use designed algorithms designed to maximize profit while minimizing risk. The software will monitor the markets and execute trades when it identifies a favorable price movement. Here are some of the best stock trading software with artificial intelligence in 2022:

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is an AI trading software that analyzes the market to find new trades for you. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the market data, then generates a list of potential trades to be made. However, these recommendations are just suggestions — they do not guarantee that you will make money. You still need to decide whether or not to follow them.

Trade Ideas provides users with information about trending stocks and the markets. Users can sign up for free, use the site’s essential features, or pay for a subscription that unlocks more tools. The trading platform allows users to place trades directly through the website or API integration with your favorite brokerage firm.

It provides real-time data from many exchanges, market news and analysis, charting, and advanced trading tools. Trade Ideas also has an extensive list of educational resources for novice traders and experienced traders looking to further their knowledge base. These include; 

  • Video tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Articles on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and more

Its features include:

  • Daily analysis of stocks, futures, and ETFs from around the world
  • Real-time trading signals based on historical data analysis
  • Unlimited free trial for seven days (1 month for premium users)


  • The premium package is $167 per month/ $1999 annually with a seven-day free trial.
  • Standard package is $84 per month/ $9999 annually


Trendspider is an artificial intelligence platform that uses machine learning to predict the future of any market and make trading decisions. It uses a combination of statistical analysis, machine learning, and AI algorithms to make predictions based on historical data. Traders can use the software to identify trends in different markets and sectors, filter out the noise and make informed decisions based on real-time results.

Trendspider uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine which cryptocurrencies are likely to increase value over time. You simply enter the amount of money you want to invest, and the program will choose an investment strategy for you based on your goals and risk tolerance. All trades are made through Binance or Kucoin, so there is no need for any additional account creation or setup.

The software has a variety of features that allow users to customize their experience:

  • Automated trading system – Users can set up automated trading systems using their strategies or existing trading strategies from other users. They can also create their strategy from scratch using the available tools within the platform.
  • Market research – Users can use Trendspider’s extensive database of historical information to research new markets or analyze existing ones with historical data. This allows them to identify trends in various sectors before they become mainstream news stories or break into trending topics on social media.
  • Daily reports about your account and its performance over time.
  • Detailed graphs and charts of historical data showing how your investments are performing.

Blackbox Stocks

Blackbox Stocks is a trading software for stocks that allows users to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies. A team of experts has developed the software, and as such, it is an all-in-one trading platform. The platform is compatible with multiple devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS. Blackbox Stocks has introduced several features to its software that make it stand out from the rest. These features include artificial intelligence, automated trading, real-time charts, and indicators. This makes the software perfect for both beginners and advanced traders alike.

What you first need to do before using Blackbox Stocks is to sign up for an account on their website. You can do this by entering your email address, mobile number, and other information required by them on their website. After signing up for an account, you will receive an activation code through your email address or mobile number within 24 hours. Once you have received your activation code, enter it into the activation box on their website and hit the activate button. You will have access to their trading platform, where you can use their services without any restrictions. 

Blackbox Stocks software has several features that make it stand out from other AI trading software:

  • One-click trading – No more entering manual orders! Just click one button and let Blackbox Stocks do all your research!
  • It has a portfolio management tool where you can track your investments and see how they’re performing over time.


The conclusion is that the stock market is a fast and dangerous place to play. It requires a lot of effort, time, and money until an individual becomes profitable. The development of Artificial Intelligence software should help individuals win against the market makers in the near time. With the above stock trading software, you can solve your stock trading challenges and become a trading pro!