Undoubtedly, you’d been thinking a lot before you finally ventured to download a console emulator onto your PC or smartphone. Undoubtedly, you’ve heard that emulators are evil, illegal, or otherwise deemed improper. But in reality, emulators merely imitate the work of your retro console and enable you to play favorite titles on third-party devices like your computer, laptop, or mobile phone. Lots of those gamers who have started using emulation software came to the realization that these tools help save legendary titles from obsolescence and oblivion, which is especially true in today’s reality. And PlayStation games are no exception. Despite the PS2’s reverberating success and the status of one of the best selling consoles of all time, the memory of this legendary system is fading by the day.

Today’s article features the top three PS2 games that can be downloaded in the form of PS2 ROMs and loaded with the available emulator. 

#1 Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

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The PlayStation 2 is a literal goldmine of solid RPGs. From Final Fantasy to more obscure offerings like Rogue Galaxy, players are already spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing what to play. And one of the most popular RPGs known for its mysterious ambience and captivating storyline has always been SMN III: Nocturne.

Post-apocalyptic Tokyo has never looked better. A wasteland where only the strong matter, and the weak are pushed aside comes off very clear in the grand scheme of things. The visual style takes on a pseudo-cel-shaded esthetic, with most of the environments you travel through in the game being nothing short of breathtaking. Matching this is a sheer diversity and character and enemy design, which are all incredibly well-made and presented. As with most games in the series, you’ll be adding a lot of these characters to your retro gaming team.

Once in battle, the combat animations take center stage and provide a wealth of effects that bring a real weight to every action you carry out. From simple hand-to-hand attacks to the more impressive abilities that lights up the screen and color. Seeing the emotion is a real sight to behold. Although this game is quite rare these days, you can still obtain it from abandonware websites and use emulators to play it.

#2 Silent Hill 3

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Silent Hill has always been one of the most favorite survival horrors of all time. Ever since being introduced to the dark and disturbing world on the PlayStation 1, this series has come a long way and evolved greatly. The world of Silent Hill has never seen an upgrade more significant than that in the third installment. The first aspect of the visuals many players noticed was the way in which the characters reacted to the environments. The impressive range of subtle emotions lend a real dread to the on-screen action. Coupling this with the often chilling and mysterious locations you’ll find yourself occupying results in one of the most atmospheric and gripping takes on the series.
Of course, Silent Hill would never be complete without the range of hideous monsters that inhabit the world. These grotesque creations all carry with them an intimidating manner that will keep you right on the edge of your seat.  Each character and shrieking monster you encounter is impressively animated.

But if there is one aspect that truly shows how much Silent Hill 3 pushed the hardware, it has to be the lighting. As with most horror games, lighting plays a huge role, and it’s implemented masterfully with Silent Hill 3. So, you should definitely give this game a go, when picking PS2 ROMs for your retro collection.

#3 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE | Nintendo Switch | Игры | Nintendo

The PS2 is home to some of the great entries in the long run in the RPG series, with the 12th iteration literally pushing the system to its limits. It introduces players to another intoxicating adventure that sees players visiting an impressive range of locales and interacting with a lovable cast of characters that help cement it as one of the best in the series. Each town, dungeon, and open area is painstakingly detailed and masterfully depicted.  Once in battle, you can execute a huge variety of spells and attacks which light up the screen with a wide range of jaw-dropping effects. And, of course, Final Fantasy wouldn’t be complete without the FMV sequences that became a staple of the series.

The 12th entry will not disappoint you. It will mesmerize you with captivating gameplay, realistic characters, charming music, and so much more.  So, why not grab the Final Fantasy XII ROM and revive the happiest moments right now?