In 2021, toll free numbers remain as beneficial as ever for businesses around the world to increase engagement and improve on their customer services. For those in Canada opting for a toll free number (otherwise known as Canada 1800 numbers) is a no brainer.

So – whether you’re an established brand or a start-up business in Canada – here are three perks of using a toll free number for your business.

First of all – what IS a toll free number?

Toll free numbers aren’t a new marketing phenomenon. In fact, these distinct and recognisable freephone numbers have been around since the 80’s.

Free to call for the customer, businesses around the world opt for toll free numbers in a bid to encourage engagement from their client base by making themselves as accessible as possible.

For businesses using toll free numbers, the fees of any call received are paid by them rather than the caller – so what’s in it for YOU as a business owner? Let’s jump straight into our top three perks. . .

#1 Boost your credibility

By far one of the biggest hurdles any new business faces is reputation. Of course, the newer you are the weaker your rep is going to be – but a toll free number can help you seem more credible and trustworthy, helping you overcome those “new business teething problems” with ease.

Whilst sales help to build your credibility, credibility is needed to encourage sales – so what can you do? Appear as dependable as your competition with a freephone number and market it across your platforms to show your target audience you want to help them and you’re willing to do it at no extra cost to the consumer.

It’s a win-win!

#2 Get unrivalled flexibility

In 2021, the way businesses work is totally unrecognisable to the way things were when toll free numbers first became popular. However, in this respect, toll free numbers in Canada have become even more sought after. Why? Because you can use them from anywhere!

No need for the expensive overheads that come with having an office, instead you can work from home, save money and appear as established and professional as the world’s most recognisable names.

Toll free numbers have a range of handy features that make them even more flexible for remote workers, including call forwarding, meaning that whether it’s just you or you’ve got an entire remote team – your customer can still receive fast, efficient customer service.

#3 Never be forgotten

It’s no secret that getting noticed in the current market is a tricky thing to do. With all the will in the world and a team of lively marketers behind you, it can be hard to get your message heard above the noise, but a toll free number can help you become easily recognised and remembered for the long-term.

We’re all busy, so the appeal of something that is easy to memorise remains as important now as it ever has been. That’s why toll free numbers hold such value, as these unique and easy to recognise numbers are famously associated with a free to phone service. Great, it means your customers know they can ring you for free whenever they need to.

But that’s not all. Toll free numbers in Canada always start with 1800 – meaning that there aren’t many additional digits to remember, making your brand even easier to memorise and as a result, even more likely to be associated with good customer service.

Do you need a toll free number in Canada?

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