So you have found a new apartment or finally bought your dream house, and you are all set to take the plunge and move from one place to another? If you are all done with packing, you might already be looking for the best moving services in your area. However, what makes any moving company a good moving company, such as the Hudson Movers?

You will have to do a little research and ensure that the movers are no scam but trustworthy professionals who know what they are doing. If you are wondering what you should look for, don’t worry, we have you all covered.

Here are three indicators of reliable moving services:

The Movers Are Licensed

It doesn’t matter whether you are switching states or just towns; make sure that your selected moving company has a USDOT number. In case you don’t know what this is, the US DOT number is issued to the mover’s company by the US Department of Transportation and is a solid indicator that the moving company is insured and licensed, and hence has a legal existence. If the moving company only operates within one state, it should have a license number of the respective state. The bottom line is that if you don’t want to fall prey to a fraudulent company, you must ensure that the moving company has insurance or a license number.

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A Positive Reputation

If this is your first moving experience, there is a great chance that you have never had to deal with a moving company before. While you might want to ask your friends and family about recommendations, you can also check social media and see what reviews potential clients of the respective moving company have left on the company’s website or business profile.

Besides the great rates, you might also want to check the numbers of years the company has been operating as solid proof of the company’s stellar service. Besides, the great rates and positive remarks of the prior clients are other indicators of the company’s respective positive reputation.

User experience matters a lot, and people are very vocal about their opinions, which is why you should take the reviews into serious consideration before signing up for a moving service.

Great Customer Service

While choosing the best moving service for this crucial life decision, make sure to double-check on the company’s customer service. How do they treat their clients and listen to their potential customers by providing them honest and unfiltered answers? For instance, there should be absolute transparency while providing clients with the fees and moving costs. As a potential client, your research shouldn’t be merely based on finding out the hourly costs of the movers and the truck but also on the overall behavior of the people working in the office.

In other words, make an honest assessment about how the company tries to learn about your moving situation – as a disclaimer, you should know that a professional moving company will want to know all details about your move as this will help them with creating an accurate plan for your big moving day.

Besides, if the moving company will actually care about their clients, they will make you a vital part of all decisions. Subsequently, both parties will decide the details of the moving day, including the number of professional movers, the time and day of moving, the correct moving equipment, etc.

Final Thoughts

You might also want to check whether the moving company is committed to green practices. For instance, are they incorporating recycled boxes for packing? Do they care about carbon prints? Things like these matter too and tell a lot about how dedicated a moving company is.