Selecting a display can be a lot more complicated than you think. This article will discuss screens, their functions, the differences between them, and how this influences gaming. So, we will review the 3 best size gaming TVs available on the market right now.

Best Size Tv For Gaming

1. SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Collection

Samsung never succeeds in creating the best models in the market. TU-8000 series is just another impressive model by the newest, which owns excellent properties for players. Anyway, its 50-inch screen size will provide you a great Xbox gaming experience; you have to set it in the right location. Well, you can think of it as the best size television for gaming one.

With low enter lag and fast response time, it knows just how to catch the interest of a match enthusiast. Unfortunately, it does not support VRR technology, but its manifestation black and handling uniformity feature cover its weakness. Hence it’s an inexpensive version with the very best size TV for gaming Xbox one.

2. Panasonic TX-55HZ1000B

This Panasonic TV is assembled around an AMaster OLED panel that’s ever been tuned in La La Land (by leading movie colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld). Hues are rich but not idiotic; the contrast is filmic and details so sharp that they can cut corners. Not that Panasonic has. It also boasts filmmaker Mode, a glistening new Hollywood-approved theater picture pre-set, together with Smart Sensing and Dolby Vision IQ. Both mechanically optimize the picture based on the lighting in your screening room. Therefore the pictures you see are never too dark or look washed out.

The HZ1000 is smart too. Panasonic’s My Home Screen television portal site is one of the best ones to reside. Blending streaming services (just Disney+ is conspicuous by its absence) with the complete complement of catchup television due to its free-view Play tuner. It swivels on its stand. What more could a movie lover desire?

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3. LG CX 55in (OLED55CX

If it comes to next-gen gaming TVs, the LG CX has cornered the industry. Using its 120Hz OLED display, Alpha 9 Gen 3 chip, and four HDMI 2.1 inputs, it’s ready for all that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 could throw it. On the LG CX, then you are going to locate every gaming-centric HDMI 2.1 feature you need VRR (including G-Sync and Freesync) for fluid, tear-free drama ALLM to boot the television into a low input lag Game Mode; eARC for lossless audio passthrough; and 4K gaming at 120Hz.

When Game Mode is activated, the CX is capable of great response times. On a 4K/120Hz signal recorded an input lag of only 6ms. This is the fastest response time of any TV we’ve tested thus far. Even though the Alpha 9 gen3 chipset has to song down its picture processing to decrease input lag in Game Mode, overall image quality stays outstanding.

Discussing image quality, the CX has one of its most striking, color-accurate displays available on the market. It could achieve perfect black along with its pixel-level control, leading to a stunning level of contrast for films and games. Viewing angles are excellent on the CX, plus it does a fantastic job of reducing diffusion from external lighting sources too. Add Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Atmos, and also the LG CX is the top all-purpose OLED for players and film buffs alike.

When Smaller Screens are Better

If you are primarily concerned about winning, smaller screens permit you to simultaneously observe all the activity, giving the human brain precious extra milliseconds to make calculated decisions, such as spotting an incoming enemy and then dodging their attacks and returning flame.

For this reason, competitive players who love FPS games (First-Person Shooters) may prefer a slightly smaller television. In this case, choose your screening distance and divide by two instead of 1.6 to get the best-sized TV. For example, if you should be sitting 8-feet away from the display, you’d want a 48-inch TV utilizing this particular formula.


Many folks select the larger screen given a choice: that the entertainment price of an even more immersive experience an average of outweighs the main advantage of a slightly improved reaction time. If you are also watching plenty of television, Netflix, Movies, or Sports, all the more reason to go larger.


If you’re mainly interested in creating an immersive gaming experience and are not concerned about creating every possible benefit, measure the Distance from your chairs to your screen and divide by 1.4, providing you the most effective (maximum) television size for immersive networking or gaming room.

For instance, if you’re sitting 8 feet apart from the display, that’s 96 inches, divided by 1.4 is 68: the utmost TV Size you have to choose is 68-inches or even less. In cases like this, you will most likely wish to buy a best 65 inch television.


But do not go too large! When the screen is too wide to find all the actions, it generates an uncomfortable watching environment, tired eyes, and a sore throat. To avoid this mistake, measure the distance between your seating and screen and split by 1.2 and don’t transcend this television Size limit.

For example, if you are 8 feet from the screen, that is 96 inches, divided by 1.2 is 80: do not get a TV larger than 80 inches if you’re 8 feet from the screen. Anything larger than that is too overly big for a home theatre.

We recommend adhering to our principle of Seeing Distance divided by 1.5 and only moving bigger (divided by 1) or smaller (divided by 1.7) in the event you’re strongly leaning towards entertainment value or competitive advantage, respectively. For more information on this topic, visit our article on Best TV Sizes.


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