The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam is among the toughest healthcare exams to crack. On an average, only around 60-70% of all test-takers pass this exam. These figures can overwhelm most people.

But, with the right amount of prep, cracking this exam is no big deal. Taking a PTCB practice exam is among the best ways to prepare for it. This study method is popular among scores of students.

Still, if you’re not sure if a PTCB practice test can benefit you, we’re here to help. These are a few advantages of taking this practice test.

  1. It Doesn’t Cost Too Much

The good news for students writing the PTCB exams is that there are free resources available. Everything from study guides to practice tests is present online. Many educators offer these resources for free to help students ace the exam.

If you take advantage of such study materials, there’s no reason for you to fail. After all, these are good-quality materials from genuine tutors. But, you shouldn’t spend too much time on study materials alone.

Many students make the mistake of only focusing on studying before the PTCB exam. This technique isn’t enough to get you through the exam. After all, the PTCB exam is all about testing your knowledge.

PTCB Test Format 

Students unfamiliar with the basic concepts of pharmacy tech aren’t likely to pass the exam. The format of the exam doesn’t allow for this. It has 90 questions and examiners don’t score every question.

The catch here is that only 80 questions are eligible for marking. So, in other words, 10 questions in the paper are red herrings. As a student, you won’t know which questions get marked and which don’t. All you can do is answer every question to the best of your ability.

You will have a total of 110 minutes to complete the PTCB exam. So, you’ll have a little more than a minute to spend on each question. Here, free PTCB practice tests can help. If you go by 1.3 minutes per question, you have a good chance of passing.

But, if you have the habit of pondering over each question, you need practice. Use the free online resources available to you. The fact that they’re free isn’t a comment on their quality.

Using resources for pharmacy technician test prep will improve your knowledge. It’ll also help you pass in the process.

  1. It’s a Multiple Choice Exam

The number one reason we recommend a practice test is that PTCB is a multiple choice exam. Preparing for any medical or non-medical exam isn’t easy. But, it’s all the more challenging when multiple choice questions are present.

No matter how much you prepare, these questions are tricky. Examiners set such questions to confuse and trick you. Your level of knowledge matters here. But, it’s not all that matters.

One of the key reasons students fail multiple choice exams is poor time management skills. Often, students run out of time to answer every question in their paper. Also, since multiple choice questions are confusing, answering them takes time.

Using Practice Tests 

Without proper practice, it’s not easy to answer these questions within the exam time. This point is where a pharmacy tech practice test comes in. The format of these tests resembles the PTCB exam.

So, solving the practice tests will help you manage your time better. It’ll also help you understand the questions asked in the exam. You can solve practice tests and PTCB practice quizzes online.

These tests and quizzes will allow you to experience exam-like conditions at home. The PTCB exam consists of nine domains. Each domain tests a different area of your knowledge.

Switching from one topic to another while answering a paper is no mean feat. It can take time for you to remember the key concepts examined in the test. But, with regular practice, you can reduce your answering time.

When taking the test, remember to time yourself. Not setting a timer (if there isn’t one online) will land you in trouble. After all, you don’t want to face exam day without the best time management skills.

Besides, multiple choice questions don’t take much time to practice either way.

  1. It Improves Focus

Another key reason we recommend taking practice tests is that they improve focus. You can use these tests before your exam to get in the test-taking mind set. Motivation plays a big role in helping students clear exams.

Without motivation, it’s difficult to make the most out of your study materials. An easy way to boost motivation is to take a pharm tech certification practice test. These tests are often available for free online.

You can start using these tests after you’re done studying for the exam. Doing so will let you gauge your level of knowledge. It’ll also give you a good idea of how confident you are under exam-like conditions.

Often, students think they’ve prepared well for their exams. But, this confidence dissipates when they face a mock exam or practice test. To avoid this, familiarize yourself with PTCB practice tests and quizzes.

Tips to Improve Focus

Setting aside a couple of hours every day to answer these tests would help. Developing the habit of answering so many multiple choice questions will improve your focus. Conditions on the day of the exam might not favor you.

You may encounter questions you find difficult. Or, you may spend too much time on a few questions in the beginning. But, if you practice beforehand, your exam technique will be good. Good exam technique can help you pass even if your paper is tough.

You need a clear understanding of concepts to clear the PTCB exam. But, answering questions fast can give you a huge boost. After all, answering questions fast gives you extra time at the end of the paper.

You could then use this time to review previous answers. Sometimes, students spot mistakes in their answer sheets during the review period. So, you’ll have time to fix these errors before you submit your paper for marking.


In conclusion, using PTCB practice tests are great for those preparing for the exam. You can use these tests to develop key test-taking skills. Developing these skills might get you through the exam even if it’s difficult.