In a world where everything works on the internet, the concept of artificial intelligence is getting more popular day by day. According to recent trends, digital swapping technology is gaining acceptance from people. Almost everyone uses social media to connect with their friends, family, and loved ones. 

Face swapping technology is a digital method used to swap the face of one individual with another. There are a number of apps available on Android and iOS that can help one with face swapping technology. With amazing effects and real-life filters, one can enjoy the technology easily. Do you want to know more about mobile apps? If yes then you try a professional mobile app development company for the same. They can provide you with the best results. 

Below are some of the best face swap apps for Android and iOS in 2022 available. They are as follows: 

1. Snapchat 

It is one of the most famous apps available for both Android and iOS users. Snapchat has an audience of more than 200 million users worldwide. It is available free of cost for all users. It can make your photos interactive and funny with amazing features, 

The app provides one with various tools and filters through which the background, tone, and mood of the content can be customised easily. 

An individual can easily capture beautiful moments and memories using a single click on the app. One can paste their faces into any photo or video to have a fun time with friends and family.

2. B612

It is a free face swapping app available for both Android and iOS users. B612 contains built multi beauty filter features that can help the users easily. An individual can enhance the mood and tone of the pictures using the B612.

If you want to enjoy the face-swapping feature and make bright photos, then try B612 now!

3. Faceplay 

Faceplay is a trending app on Instagram that can help you to enjoy face swap technology. Most people use this app for filters to make photos bright. One can pick the captures from the gallery, analyse them, and can easily turn them into interactive ones by using the Faceplay app. 

4. YouCam

YouCam is one of the oldest apps available that can help an individual use face swap technology. The instant picture clicking feature of the app is considered one of the best of YouCam. One can edit several pictures and videos accruing to their requirements by using the app. 

5. Ageing Booth 

The ageing booth app works like an amazing ageing machine that can give a new look to your photos. One can download the app from the app store or play store easily at absolutely zero cost. After editing the picture, an individual can obtain their old age picture. It is one of the most used and unique apps that can help you in making your pictures old. 

6. FaceOver 

Do you want to make your pictures beautiful and bright? If yes, then FaceOver can be the best option for you. The app can apply the layovers and filters to your clicks to make them look breath-taking. One can use the app to make photos and videos interactive and creative to share with friends, family, or loved ones. In addition, the face-swapping feature of FaceOver makes it popular among the youth. 

7. Meitu 

Meitu is one of the most used face swap apps in recent times. It is available for both Android and iOS users. It can filter your face to make your regular photos beautiful. Once the download is complete, one can enjoy all the amazing features of the app. 

8. Face Blender

Do you want to create unique photos and videos? If yes, then you are in the right place. The Face Blender app can make your regular photos look different and amusing by adding relevant features to your photos. The app is designed by experts that can automatically recognize the face of an individual to complete the editing process. 

9. Face Swap Live 

It is one of the widely used apps and famous for its face swapping features. One can create interactive photos and videos through this app. The users can edit and add interactive features to the photos and videos as many times as they want. This app is popular among the youth as it provides swapping photos across various others easily, swapping faces with different celebrities and movie scenes, etc. 


Do you want to change the complete look of the picture? If yes, then MRRMRR is the option that you can give a try. It is a useful app that can change your looks easily. 

By using the app, you can be the president of the country or the movie actor of your choice without any hassle. The face identification system of the app has immense popularity among people. 

11. Photomontage 

It is one of the best Android apps that can help you in editing photos and videos easily. One can make high-quality photos using face swapping technology. The simple UI of the app can help an individual create amazing content for their users.  

12. Face Swap Booth 

Face Swap Booth is considered one of the most useful apps that can provide a wide variety of features. The attractive design and simple UI of the application help the users in creating amazing content. One can easily add faces and shift them around without any extra effort. 

13. Cupace 

Are you a meme lover? If yes, then you will find the Cupace app useful. One can easily swap faces on pictures and videos and create interactive and funny memes through the app. Any social media lover should give this mobile application a try. 

14. Face App

The Face App is available for free on the Android and iOS stores. One can use this app to try face-swapping technology and filters. It is one of the most famous apps among youngsters as it provides them with the required features. 

15. Reface App

Reface is one of the most user-friendly apps available on the Android and iOS stores. One can utilise the application to create memes, funny clippings, videos, footage, and GIFs without any hassle. So all the social media lovers out there, try the Reface app now!


Technology is the new asset for humans that can help them in growing. With latest methods such as face swapping techniques one can use it to achieve great heights for the overall development. If you are planning to launch your own face swapping app or just want to learn about the process, consider contacting a professional. One can hire android developers or iOS developers to get the best results. Above some of the best apps are given through which one can enjoy the benefits of the face swapping technology.