Do you have a small trunk and many things that just can’t fit? Or, do you want to take your bikes to the sea? They can be on the roof, but you first need to install a roof rack. 

With a roof rack, you are ready for adventures, and you can take everything you need.

Finding the perfect roof rack couldn’t be easier, and the market is expected to grow in the following years, so there’s no shortage of options. 

However, you’ll need to consider your vehicle’s model and year to get an ideal roof rack. Besides, choosing roof racks also depends on your lifestyle and the purpose. The following part includes top ten roof rack options that’ll provide enough storage space.

  1. Slimline II Roof Rail Rack

You can adjust Slimline II to your needs, which significantly improves traveling. If you are a fan of adventures on challenging terrains, this is the right choice. Its material is weather-resistant T6 aluminum, making it a versatile and durable option. 

These universal roof rack options are removable, making them easier to install. The good news is that you don’t need a permanent installation; you can freely modify them according to your needs.

Whether traveling in the desert, the mountains, or in rural areas, you can find many designs made specifically for each purpose. If you want to occupy the entire roof space, we advise you to take flat racks.

  1. Yakima Flush Bar S25Y

The Flush Bar roof rack easily integrates with your luxury vehicle’s design, creating a sleek yet sporty silhouette. It ensures minimum air resistance and can reduce the sound level to almost zero. That’s great if you want to have great travel adventures.

The PerformaRidge design controls the airflow over the rod to optimize aerodynamics. It includes an integrated lock system with a maximum of 220 lb/100 kg per pair load. Besides, the patented SmartFill technology allows quick installation of Whispbar accessories, providing plenty of time to enjoy your journey. 

  1. AUXMART Universal Roof Rack

This roof rack is ideal for most vehicles. The bars provide a good base for installing bike racks, boxes, and other accessories. Moreover, they are easy to use and do not load the vehicle with extra weight. 

AUXMART roof racks are easy to mount and dismantle. Furthermore, you can save a lot of space on your equipment. 

  1. Streetwize Anti-Theft Lockable Universal Roof Bars

These roof racks support a load of 60 kilograms, allowing car owners to carry heavier things. This mechanism has two keys that can increase security. However, it’s advisable to look at the manufacturer’s instructions if you want to wear something heavier. 

  1. IRONWALLS Universal Roof Rack

These universal roof racks are lightweight and resistant to high temperatures and scraping. Besides, if you are a sporty type, the design of these roof racks will suit you. 

IRONWALLS universal roof racks are air resistant and reduce wind noise while traveling. They also come with rubber inserts to prevent scratches on your car’s roof. 

  1. Yakima LoadWarrior Rooftop Cargo Basket

The Yakima LoadWarrior Rooftop Cargo Basket is another ideal roof rack with side rails and metal bars on the bottom to keep your things safe. The bars are made of tubular steel, providing strength and durability. However, it’s advisable to remove them if you plan to wash the car. 

  1. SportRack Complete Roof Rack System

These roof racks have an integrated locking system, allowing the bars to be firmly attached to the car roof. The steel construction is durable; it can withstand up to 60 kilograms of load. It’s a compatible carrier for bicycles, skis, and kayaks, so this option is great too!

  1. Otherya Aero Aluminum 54

A perfect option if you want to go fishing or camping, these Aero Aluminum crossbars are different from ordinary aluminum carriers. They have a hefty load capacity of 198 lbs and are excellent for cargo, snowboards, and canoes. If the wind noise bothers you, you can put wind-proof strips on the bars.

  1. PROSmart Soft Roof Rack

These are universal racks for all vehicles that don’t have upper crossbars. The good thing is that the rack is equipped with EVA foam to reduce vibrations while driving, protecting your items and the car from scratches. Moreover, they are easy to fold and remove.

  1. MeeFar Universal Soft Car Roof Rack Pads for Kayak

MeeFar Universal Soft Car Roof Rack Pads is a soft roof rack option suitable for cargo storage. It also has an anti-slip mat that can mask vibrations produced by car motion. Moreover, you don’t need installation tools; just straps to attach them to the roof.


When going on a trip, it is essential to pack everything you need. The last thing you want to worry about is whether you forgot to pack something only because you didn’t have space in the car. You can eliminate this issue by installing universal roof racks, maximizing your storage space while improving the vehicle’s appearance. Moreover, safety should be the priority, so always double-check if the roof rack is in good shape and firmly attached. Now that you know all about roof racks, there’s one thing left to say: “Have a nice trip!”