A healthy life is mainly a question of habits. The less you have to think about something, the better you will be able to keep it up. And the healthier those habits, the easier it is to maintain a responsible healthy lifestyle!

Unfortunately, the reverse also applies. Some unhealthy habits are so deep that we hardly notice them. And that makes it considerably more difficult to live a healthy life! Below we provide a top 10 of unhealthy habits. Do they look familiar to you?

Top 10 unhealthy habits

1. Go to bed too late

There is always something to do in the evening. Work has yet to be prepared, you are out with friends or you really want to watch an episode of a series. The result is soon that you are back in bed later than you planned. And that while the alarm goes off really early the next morning…

However, too little sleep is one of those healthy habits that your body really suffers from. More stress , more binges , poorer condition of the heart and blood vessels … Especially when you have chronic bad sleep, the consequences pile up. Do you recognize the problem? Then try setting an alarm clock to go to bed! It is not so easy to get ‘accidentally’ anymore.

2. Ignore hunger

Sometimes it’s just really annoying when your stomach suddenly starts to rattle. You had a lunch instance planned for only about a half hour. Or you are still working hard and really don’t have time. Or you are trying to lose weight, and eating is the last thing you want to think about.

However, that does not mean that it is wise to continue to ignore that hunger signal. Attempts to do so are the main reason people suffer from unhealthy binges . Before you know it you are so hungry that you eat ten biscuits without thinking twice. It is then wiser to intervene earlier and just choose a healthy snack!

3. Eating too much

Food is delicious. And that means we like to keep doing it – even when we don’t actually need it. You scoop up some extra pasta , because it is so delicious. You make an extra sandwich so that you are really full after lunch . And you eat an extra large piece of chocolate because you don’t feel very well.

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It doesn’t have to be that much per day. But look at it every month or even a year, and the superfluous calories are piling up! Ultimately, this is the reason for many people to creep up in weight over the years. If you go for ‘enough’ instead of ‘packed’, this can save a lot of weight.

4. Drink calories

Drinking enough is of course important. However, it is a bit careful what you drink exactly. Many people reach for soft drinks or fruit juices . Of the first it is clear that they are unhealthy, make the second category is unfortunately little more than sugar water with a taste.

If you are not used to drinking ‘tasteless’ water , it can be quite difficult to get rid of this habit. However, it is really worth it! Every day it saves you a lot of useless sugars and calories that do not saturate. Instead, tea or water with fruit can be a tasty alternative.

5. Do not move

It is very easy to sit still a lot one day. By car to work, eight hours behind a desk, in the evening on the couch in front of the TV … For many people this is the daily routine. And that is quite a shame, because all that sitting still is not good for your health. This way your condition , your digestion and your blood vessels deteriorate considerably.

Fortunately, even if you are busy, it is possible to break these unhealthy habits. For example, in [this blog] we give tips to get more active all day long. It takes some getting used to – but it will give you a lot more energy .

6. Hungry shopping

The best way to avoid snacking unhealthily is to avoid bringing unhealthy snacks into your home. And the best way to avoid bringing unhealthy snacks into your home? Make sure you have eaten before driving to the supermarket ! With an empty stomach, the chance is considerably greater that you suddenly have three bags of chips and a bar of chocolate in your basket.

Unhealthy habits are often so persistent because it takes a lot of self-discipline to change them. Do not make it more difficult for yourself than necessary!

7. Ready-to-eat food

Whether you buy whole microwave meals or use pre-made spice mixes regularly, the problem is the same. Most processed foods in the supermarket contain much more salt , sugar and unhealthy fats than necessary. Even if you think you are eating a healthy vegetable soup, it often contains annoyingly little vegetables and too much junk.

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In general, you are simply healthier by making as much as possible yourself. You can’t do that with everything – you probably won’t be making cheese , soy sauce or yogurt yourself. But cooking and mashing those vegetables yourself is a lot better than that tin of soup .

8. Alcohol and tobacco

These two are so obvious that we shouldn’t have to mention them. On the other hand, drinking and smoking are the unhealthy habits par excellence. After all, especially in the case of smoking it is very difficult to quit.

Alcohol is less addictive, but many people still drink regularly – and underestimate the consequences. These range from more fat storage and more muscle breakdown to more stress to ultimate damage to organs. Even a few drinks less per week can make a huge difference in how fit you feel!

9. Don’t say no

How many times do you say no one day? What if something extra needs to be done at work? If you are asked to join a party that you do not feel like at all? Or if a friend really needs help?

Of course you want to be helpful and friendly – but there are limits, and it is important to know them. By regularly saying no, you avoid ending up in too many stressful situations. This way you can save your energy for the things you really want to do.

10. Want to do everything perfectly

Finally: perfectionism . At first glance, perhaps a strange choice for a list of unhealthy habits – but perfectionism is different from trying your best! The latter is fine; however, as soon as you become afraid of doing anything wrong, it becomes unhealthy.

Things just go wrong. That is no reason to give up all your attempts immediately. Nor is it a cause for concern, nor should you waste hours trying to avoid mistakes. Is something not ideal? Shrug, think about how things can be improved next time, and proceed calmly as you did. It makes healthy living a lot calmer.


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