Translation and localization services in the United Kingdom are mainly the demand of business companies. Further, due to the high immigration rate in the UK, the demand for translation from the public side has also increased. To tackle the growing needs of the present age, many localization and translation companies are facilitating global audiences respectively. They are using the advanced version of the translation management system along with the touch of human professional translators. If you want to settle your business in the land of the UK, you may find the interpretation and localization services the need of the hour. 

The article has explored top ten companies that are serving localization and translation. 

Translate UK 

Founded in 2010, Translator UK is among the top translation companies in the UK. It was founded in 2010 that provides international translation to individual and corporate clients throughout the globe. Apart from this, they have various trained language service providers who carry out the task of translation.

Taia Translation 

It gives fast and reliable translation and localization services in 97 languages in the form of software localization, legal translation, website localization, proofreading, and interpretation. It is an all-in-one effective system that reduces the cost and time of translation services along with human touch. 


It is a London-based translation and interpretation agency that deals in digital marketing translation, legal translation, the Automotive industry, Banking and finance, and multimedia translation. Its language service providers cover more than 95 percent of the languages of the world. 


An award-winning and internationally-acclaimed translation company since 2006, Wolfestone is focused on delivering quality, value, and customer satisfaction. It translates in over 220 global languages and can give services in a fast turnaround time with 2,000 professional translators and an advanced translation management system. Wolfestone covers all the areas of translation including marketing, legal, compliance translation. Its AI-powered machine translation ensures fast turnaround time and translates comprehensive texts easily at a low cost. 


It is an online translation-providing company that is located in the United Kingdom.  With the 2000 language pair, this company is providing services in 35 languages. Technology form has been built up over some years by the company to make the task of translation easier for customers around the world. Ten years of experience in providing translation services worldwide makes this company unique in the UK. Data protection is made sure by compliance with GDPR data protection regulations. They have built up a fully automated platform for receiving expert translations. Due to this, they can develop an easy and friendly network with translators. 

Absolute Interpreting and Translations

Absolute Interpreting and Translation services is another UK-leading company that provides transcription, interpretation, and language services in the local and the global arena. The company has more than 2500 professional translation that delivers expert translation solutions with the advanced translation management system. 

London Translations

London Translations is a UK-based translation and interpretation company that is maintaining a level of professionalism by delivering out-class translation services to a global audience. In the health care department, pharma, medical devices, and regulatory affairs, London Translations has proved its success by every means. 

Lingvo House Translation Services

LingvoHouse translation services company holds ISO 9001:2005 certifications and delivers qualitative translation services. In 200 different languages, this company is providing translation services as well as verbal interpretation services. This company offers certified translation services from business to public domains by using the talent of expertise. Their services include written document translation, legal translation, website translation, Medical translation, transcreation, proofreading, interpreting, and many more. 

Alphatrad UK

Another top-notch company is Alphatrad UK that has over 3500 professional translators and interpreters. Eighty global branches across Europe are associated with this company. Alphatrad UK is offering solutions in over 80 global languages. 

Language Reach

It is a London-based interpretation and translation company that offers effective translation solutions for global and local customers. Efficiency, reliability, and excellence are the value that can be seen in their localized projects. Additionally, this company has skilled linguistic and specialist project managers that spread the network widely. 


Conclusively, these above top 10 translation and localization companies are giving quick translation services with the help of their language service providers and advanced translation management system. If you want to settle in a foreign land, you can get the services of the above-mentioned translation companies. They can give you a fast and secure translation in a fast turnaround time and can cover almost all major sectors of life. Apart from them, many localization management platforms like MarsHub are also offering all-in-one solutions of translation and localization with the help of its advanced translation management system. If it is hard to follow up the company procedure, localization management platforms are giving all-in-one solutions at one platform.