When a company or service provider converts into a brand, designing a website can be a defining parameter. Different elements need to be considered while creating a good design, but the most crucial aspects are security, user experience, and visual presentation. Are you thinking of redesigning your site in 2021? This blog will give you a brief knowledge of the top web design inspiration. Take a look!

A Good Tool For Your Web Design Inspiration

If you want to bring your creative ideas to life, you must check the best software for inspirational web designs.It gives a realistic effect on the web design templates creating the first impression on users. When the site approaches the targeted audience, it helps to attract them. In short, when users see your site, they prefer to revisit it and take action.

Wondershare Mockitt is a professional platform that will help you to create an excellent web design pattern for personal and commercial use. The numerous built-in icons and widgets are available for use, and it has a wide range of features:

  • Wondershare Mockitt offers the best website design inspirationand it supports a simple drag-and-drop action. It can also convert a static screen to an interactive one.
  • Numerous templates are available on the platform, so you can use them to prepare your site. It means you do not have to start from scratch.

It transforms the static screen into an interactive one by including links, and other team members can also make changes to your platform if they wish to.

Top 10 Fantastic Sources For Your Web Design Inspiration

●      Awwwards

It attracts the highest quality and pushes the borders between web and art design continuously. The main goal of the site is to recognize, discover, and promote the ideas of web designers. It reveals best in many categories like design, creativity, and innovation online. It has the coming trends and easy to see the exciting and innovative aspects of the technology. When it comes to acknowledging the premium quality website design, Awwwards is the ultimate one.

●      Behance

It is a web design platform that offered massive web design inspiration in 2019. The search settings can be changed depending on popularity, timeframes, and location. In short, you can look for the best-appreciated web designs and use them for designing your platform. In 2009, 2017, and 2011, it won the Webby Awards, and the Adobe systems bought it in 2012.

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●      Pikbest

Are you looking forward to creating a trendy website with interesting graphics? If so, you must go ahead with Pikbest as it offers greatgraphic design website inspirationandhas a broad range of recipes, life, and style inspirations. Professionals love the medium so much that they cannot take their eyes off the site. Additionally, beginners can prefer to visit the site as it has stunning creative ideas.

●      Best Web Gallery

In this tool, you will get limited options, but they are great. The monthly updates are less and the tool concentrates on the quality. It fulfils accessibility, usability, and takes responsive design forward. The execution is stunning and is a creative blend of video and animation. It has many unique usability elements, and the navigation feature is another aspect that you will enjoy.

●      Pinterest

It is a hub of distributed content, and from design inspiration to cooking recipes, you will get everything here. It helps you get inspiring ideas, and the unique thing about the site is that anyone can post here. It has a collection of websites and many other things. The site looks so attractive, and it is a perfect place for beginners to feed their creativity.

●      Siteinspire

It is a platform where you can get over 500 templates, and each one is unique. It offers excellent comfort and serves as the best input for professional designers. The templates are placed in an organized manner letting you reach the designed category. If you are looking for banner web design inspiration, this site allows you to sort through non-related content. In that way, you can browse and get only the things that you need.

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●      Webdesign Inspiration

The platform stands out because of its subtle color and smart features. It provides the users a smooth visual experience, and you can have a fantastic experience because of the fascinating design and great video quality. It has rich multimedia content and a smooth navigation system, making the site a remarkable one.

●      Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform inspiring designers with hashtags. By visiting the site, you can learn more in detail about it. The web page is compatible with smartphones, and during your free time, you can check all options you have. It shows the designers’ work, and you can view the unique posts as the page offers the best blog web design inspiration.

●      The Best Design

If you need the most interactive and creative website, you should go with the best design. The 3D virtual art and quirky animation will draw everyone’s attention. It is an amalgamation of 3D visual art, physics concepts, and standard technologies. The structural way is the most extraordinary aspect that separates the platform from others. The platform is always updated with new content, and you can also browse WordPress themes.

●      99Designs’ Discover

If you need web design inspiration, nothing can be better than this platform. It lets you look for different ideas, inspiration, and styles. Here you will come across various options that will connect the site to your brand. You can browse through the site directly and filter the design type. If you find the design that inspires you truly, you can go ahead and use it to get the best results.


All the above platforms are excellent but if you are looking for an easy one with great features, go for Wondershare Mockitt. It can create a website that emphasizes the mobile experience and tells a story about the brand. Also, you do not have to undergo any training to learn how to use the tool. That’s why Mockitt is a suitable platform to be used to design your website.


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