Who doesn’t love shopping? This significantly influences the overall experience when it comes to travel and vacations. It’s an activity in which a consumer peruses the products or services offered by merchants. If you are planning to go to the Kingdom, you shouldn’t miss shopping. Here is a list of the top 10 shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. You must check this article to make your trip beautiful. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famous for its largest shopping malls. There is no shortage of amazing prospects for purchasing at Arabian malls. The country is home to numerous outstanding purchasing centres. They are scattered throughout many of its major cities, including Mecca, Riyadh, Dammam, and many biggest cities. These centres offer a variety of entrainment, commerce, and kid-friendly activities. 

But now all shopping centres are accessible to every European and UK resident through Hajj and Umrah packages. The main reason for this access is the ministry’s announcement of a 3-month extension of Hajj and Umrah visas.

Let’s see a few of Saudi Arabia’s top shopping destinations that tourists must explore while visiting the region.    

⦁ Makkah Mall – Mecca 
⦁ Rashed Mall – Medina 
⦁ Kingdom Centre Tower – Riyadh 
⦁ Al Nakheel Mall – Riyadh  
⦁ Granada Centre, Riyadh 
⦁ Red Sea Mall, Jeddah 
⦁ Mall of Arabia, Jeddah 
⦁ Le Prestige Mall, Jeddah  
⦁ Al-Rashid Mall (Al-Khobar)
⦁ Othaim Mall, Dammam 

Makkah Mall – Mecca 

One of the best shopping centres in Saudi Arabia is Makkah Mall, which is well-liked by tourists of all ages. The arcade has modern stylish stores, food courts, and play areas for kids. There are lots of taxis and cabs available. Moreover, it also has cafes, restaurants, and apparel and jewellery stores, making it the ideal fun adventure location. The pricing may be a little expensive as compared to other malls found in other Saudi Arabian cities. It’s situated in Mecca’s prime location (Al-Haram Mosque).

After performing your Umrah through Umrah Packages 2023, don’t go to any other city because of Makkah Mall. A visitor should go to see it because of its outstanding structure, especially at night after the Isha prayer (Night prayer).

Rashed Mall – Medina 

It’s the biggest mall in Medina featuring numerous discounts and branded shops, food courts, and clothes shops. The mall is located on King Abdullah Road’s northern side near Al-Khobar highway. It’s beautifully designed and provides a wide range of alternatives. Any local shopping can be found here, including national and international brands. You will have all the needs that you were missing from your homeland. Make a trip with your shopping partner to experience an extensive selection of brands. 

Kingdom Centre Tower – Riyadh 

Ranking among the top malls in Saudi Arabia, having the popular Kingdom Tower with the tallest structures. It has three large storeys with fantastic cafes, restaurants, and a massive amount of local and worldwide brands. The four Season Hotel, Spazio Restaurant, and Sky Bridge make it more famous. It’s located at Al Urubah and Al Olaya Rd. You should explore this great place for family shopping. The top of the tower will give you a breathtaking view of Riyadh city. 

Al Nakheel Mall – Riyadh  

Al Nakheel in Riyadh is among the largest and most popular malls in Saudi Arabia. It’s a fairly upscale shopping centre that draws tourists and residents both. There are more than 300 stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Everyone enjoys its peaceful and composed atmosphere, and it is the most visited mall in Riyadh. There is a lot to do and is located on Al-Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Branch Rd, Exit 9. If you want to go shopping in Riyadh, you must visit this arcade first. 

Granada Centre, Riyadh 

Granada Mall is especially ideal for fashion admirers, and it’s one of the most well-known and opulent shopping centres in Saudi Arabia. This is the most convenient place to take your family and kids out for a fun day. The mall has two floors and over 235 establishments, including international franchises. In addition, it contains at most 40 quick eateries and cafes offering domestic and international cuisines. It also has ATMs, prayer halls and pharmacies, and it is situated on East Ring Rd, Riyadh. You should visit this centre at least once for a wonderful experience. 

Red Sea Mall, Jeddah 

One of the top locations for shopping is Red Sea Mall in Jeddah, which is among the largest purchasing centres in Saudi Arabia. It’s situated in the suburbs of Malik Rd to the north, having a 2 lac square metre overall space and a seven-story building. It is appropriate for all types of visitors because it has numerous five-star hotels and both underground and outdoor parking. Moreover, it has lots of options for dining, cafes, and children’s entertainment with 18 entrances easily reachable by everyone. You must visit this destination to find all of your favourite domestic and foreign products in one place.

Mall of Arabia, Jeddah 

Mall of Arabia is a place that may satisfy all of your needs, regardless of what you are seeking. It’s close to the airport and has more than 400 businesses and shops, including local and international brands. Having numerous eateries, food stalls, jewellery shops, and general and electronic stores with luxury and modernity feelings. This mall is a shoppers’ paradise and also has a large selection of entertainment options. You should discover the dining, shopping and fitness opportunities here. 

Le Prestige Mall, Jeddah  

It is one of the most spectacular and luxurious places in Jeddah. It would be best to go to Le Prestige Mall for those wishing to shop absolute luxury shopping. Furthermore, it is known for its excellent classical architecture, immaculate marble floors, and dedicatedly glass ceiling domes. Likewise, it has a range of retail stores, restaurants, and cafes and a one-stop location for commerce. Location: Ash Shati, King Abdul-Aziz Street, Jeddah

Al-Rashid Mall (Al-Khobar)

It is Al-Khobar’s best shopping mall on the northern side. This is beautifully made and provides a wide range of choices. It’s also referred to as the “Jewel of Khobar”. It has a variety of national and international brands, including play areas and restaurants. You should visit this if you wish to purchase affordable costs from a variety of well-known brands. It is situated on King Abdullah Rd, across from the intersection with King Khalid Rd.

Othaim Mall, Dammam 

Othaim Mall in Saudi Arabia is a great choice if you are organizing a family outing there. It’s an excellent location for brands and a playground for children. There is a boat-shaped structure featuring cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, and pharmacies. When you have some time to spare, don’t forget to eat. All you have to do is choose the nearest outlet and place your favourite order. It’s located on Prince Fahd Street, which attracts many tourists. 

Saudi Arabian malls provide a superior shopping experience with a wide variety of international brands and entertainment venues. Without a good shopping trip, holidays are not complete. You should discover the above-mentioned top malls in the kingdom. These centres welcome visitors who want to have a good time with their loved ones. One must visit all the tourist attractions of Saudi Arabia at least once in his lifetime. Make sure to visit there when you plan vacations for an unforgettable experience. You may also be able to see them after booking your tour packages via a reliable travel agency like Labbaik Hajj Umrah. Enjoy your trip, and make your experience good!