Dog lovers are everywhere in the world. Most of the countries have different weather conditions and lifestyles than each other. Generally, cattle dogs and wild dogs make the list of the top 10 dog breeds in Australia. Since there is a lot of farming in the country, owners used to breed hard-working dogs for their help on the farm. 

Even people who are dog lovers love to know about the breeds and their traits. They often look for blogs giving them clarity about the Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia so they can read about them and then buy a perfect pet for their home.

This article will help you if you too are searching for the same. Let’s go!

High & Low-energy dogs 

Later, when people moved towards the city more and adapted to the urban lifestyle, the need for emotionally intelligent house dogs became popular too. Many people prefer homebound quiet little ones like Spaniels and Chihuahuas. Also, some people like hard-working breeds like kelpies, terriers, and dingoes. There is a saying that your dog must meet your energy levels. 

Top 10 Dog Breeds in Australia

Many people believe the Australian Shepherd is a top Aussie breed. Although, it is a classic American breed in fact, that has nothing to do with Australia. Based on many parameters, here comes the list of the top 10 dog breeds of Australia.

Australian Cattle Dog


The first cattle dog came to the country from England. They were not fit for extreme temperatures in Australia. Later the cattle dogs got crossbred with several native breeds and formed the energetic, heel nipping Australian cattle dog which is called blue heelers too. This breed is perfect for outdoor movements, sports events, and energy-driven activities. 

Australian Kelpie

This breed has a much similar background to the cattle dogs. Kelpies are a crossbred between Scottish sheep-driving collies and native dingoes. The Australian Kelpie is a whip-smart breed that is capable of performing high-stamina activities. They are harder suited for athletic events. 

Australian Dingo


This breed represents one of the oldest dog types in the whole world. They have a furious temperament, smaller size and they do not bark often. These ancient dog breeds are controversial as they have a strong herding nature and cannot live alone. But in terms of agility, flexibility, and getting a job done, these are one of the best breeds of Australia. 

Australian Terrier 

This little-sized breed has a hunting history from their Britain ancestors as well. Although the Australian terrier is an evolved breed that is fine for the extreme landscape and weather of Australia. They are not fond of other dogs always and have some praying instinct left in them. Otherwise, they are the perfect house dog if you raise them as puppies. 

Australian Silky Terrier 

Judging by the looks, a silky terrier may look similar to a Yorkshire terrier, because they are related to each other. Yorkie is a source breed that made the Silky Australian terrier possible. Because of their long coats and small figure, many people confuse them as lap dogs. But they come from a terrier family, so they need proper training, exercise, and energetic activity. 

Australian Tenterfield Terrier 

This is a classic Australian native breed that came from the British vermin-hunter terrier breeds as well. They look similar to toy fox terriers. You will rarely see a Tenterfield terrier outside Australia and they were bred in Tenterfield near New South Wales Town. 

Australian Koolie

The Koolie breed is related to border collies. They are hardworking herding dogs in Australia that used to help in herding and driving sheep. These dogs are obedient, patient, and loyal. They can be great companions for a single owner. 

Australian Kangaroo dogs

These sighthound dogs used to be bred for hunting kangaroos in Australia. After it got banned, they became high-energy domestic dogs suited for athletic events. 

There are countless other breeds in Australia. A different opinion can put other breeds on the list of top 10 dog breeds in Australia.   

Australian Bull Arab

Bull Arabs are the Austrian pig hunting dog. They started their journey as a pig locator for farms. These bulldogs are muscular family dogs, who have both western and middle-eastern descendants.  

Australian Fox Terrier

The Fox terrier or the miniature fox terrier is a tiny breed of dog that is energetic, fast, and agile. They are great with families and have tendencies to chase vermin.