No outfit is complete without shoes. In Pakistani fashion, the khussa is the perfect most comfortable shoe to wear as you go through your day. Not only are they practical, but they are also beautiful. Khussas come in many different designs, textures, patterns, and colors making them festive and fun and adding the same to your outfit.  Here are the top ten khussas you will add to your shoe collection.

Hemo Handicraft Red Salsa Khussa

The Hemo Handicraft Red Salsa Khussa will add the best pop to your outfit. The deep red of the shoe adds such a depth to what you are wearing that people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. The shoes are made out of 50% synthetic leather and 50% raw silk. They are also embellished with pearls for an extra bit of class.

Hemo Handicraft Black Mastani Khussa

These shoes will make your night come alive. The black fabric of raw silk and synthetic leather brings a brightness to the nighttime. Embroidered with stones and kundan, the materials give a touch of elegance to the shoe. These shoes are perfect for a night out or for an elegant occasion.

JootiShooti Saffron Bling

The yellow of the JootiShooti Saffron Bling brings high levels of joy to your ensemble. The warming yellow inspires happiness and the embellishments of gemstones, beads, and sequins add to the brightness and glitter of the shoes. They are double padded for extra comfort and with silk backing and silk soles will feel like you are floating.

Soma Gold Malka

The Soma Gold Malka is the height of sparkle and gemstone design. Each shoe is covered in large gemstones of gold and silver with reflective stones placed throughout. All it takes is one pass by a bright light and you will shimmer and shine.

Hemos Handicraft Black Phool Rani

The synthetic leather and black velvet of the shoe with the pink rose buds placed throughout give life to your outfit. It’s like walking with a living garden on your feet completely grounding your entire outfit.

Soma Black Capa

These khussas make a simple statement of practicality and elegance. They can be worn with just about any outfit whether you are out and about or going somewhere dressy.

Soma White Garden

The white garden pops as you go about your day. The beautifully embroidered flowers on the toes adds a touch of beauty and class to the shoe.

Nadiya Kassam Dahlia Denim

Nadiya Kassam has a style of khussa that is fun and playful for an afternoon out with friends. The shoes are embellished with rhinestones in the shape of bursts that call for casual fun.

Soma Polka Pink

Soma Polka Pink is poppy and fun as you spice up your outfit with a pattern that is eye-catching. It adds a bit of pizzazz to your outfit.

Hemos Handicraft Grey Burtaqali

With burnt orange floral designs with gemstone centers, these shoes command attention as they invoke class and confidence wherever you go.