Have you ever thought that a medical wearable device is a savior in a life-and-death situation? This might come as a surprise, but LutiBand’s medical alert device is one of those wearable devices that keeps a person’s health in check and notify the emergency responders in case it finds any type of anomaly via sensors. Today we are going to find out how LutiBand becomes quite popular in the market of alert devices for seniors which will keep elders motivated and give them regular reports of their health. 

  1. Geofence

With this feature, one can create a virtual boundary which can be useful in the case of both elders and people with pre-existing conditions. For example, if a family goes to a new town of which they don’t know much about. In that case, having this feature on will keep the loved ones safe from wandering off to an unknown neighborhood that they haven’t seen yet. 

When a person enables this feature, the LutiBand will notify them that they crossed the line which was marked as safe territory to roam around. 

  1. History Tracking 

With age, the human brain tends to forget things. The first thing that starts to fade away is the direction to reach different places one used to visit almost daily. With the help of history tracking of all the journeys, the wearer of the senior alert device has done so. One can easily find out where they have been at the exact time of the day for 30 days.  

  1. Rechargeable Battery

When it comes to medical devices having convincing battery longevity matters a lot for the user. LutiBand is a rechargeable device and its battery level lasts for one whole day. Being conscious of the user’s safety, LutiBand comes up with a combined feature that sends a notification to connected smartphones while it reaches low battery level to recharge the device.

  1. Current Location

Want to know where your parents are right now? Well, LutiBand can locate the person using the mobile application that comes with the medical alert device. The application can be installed in both iOS and Android systems, allowing users not to buy any extra electronics to use the device at its optimal. 

  1. Share Information With Ease

We all want someone to know where we are so they can help if there’s an emergency. The same goes for the elders, and we want to know where they are and how they are doing when we are not around them. With this Medical alert device for seniors, one can ask the elder to share their location and other information with them, and it can be done in no time. As a result, the person will have the live location of their elder and mental peace. 

  1. Step Counter

Want to track down how many steps you have taken for each hour, day, week, or even a month? Well, this can be possible with LutiBand. In addition to this, this will motivate the person to walk more and increase their physical activity for better health. 

  1.  Great Notifications

Most devices will notify the closed ones when the wearer of the device goes through some medical emergency. But the LutiBand provides notification to loved ones when their elders are active and staying up with their health goals. This is something that is one of its kind services, and it helps people bring smiles and satisfaction to them. 

  1. Integrated Directly To Responders

Now coming to the most important part, Lutiband is directly integrated into the responders, so when there is an emergency, this SOS device for elderly will automatically send the information to the 911 responders with the location of the person so they can take the appropriate action without wasting any time. The emergency service uses state-of-the-art technology to connect with the emergency responders as fast as possible. The responders can get all the information from the portal which is provided by Lutiband. The company is working towards making it available in other countries in addition to America. 

  1.  Biometric Sensors

All the sensors which are present in this SOS alert device for elderly are designed to give accurate results which can be easily understood by the responders who are looking at the reports live in case of an emergency. Getting the right data is important but making it easier for people to understand is something not many devices have been able to succeed till now. But Lutiband has created a custom UI for their portal, which makes the reporting clutter and clear to understand. 

Apart from common sensors like oxygen in the blood, heart rate, and body temperature. This device also has fall detection to know if the wearer of the device has fallen on the ground. It might not seem necessary for adults, but when you are speaking of elders. You need to know that it is common in elders to have a severe injury from falling. So if the fall does happen and responders are able to contact in time, the person will have a lower chance of experiencing pain from the fall. 

10. 4G LTE Connection

Lutiband’s unique feature is the 4G LTE connection. As a result, this device doesn’t need to be connected with a smartphone to send data to responders. This pre-installed sim card in device allows users to have high quality call clarity and location tracking to reach responders shortly in case of emergency. So with this device users can make calls directly from their wrists and have a conversation.

In Conclusion

Without a doubt, Lutiband has made it easier for people to take care of their elders, kids, and adults as well when you don’t have to worry about if your mother, who is in her 70s, is having a good or not then you can focus on work and have better results in both in corporate and in personal life.