Are you looking to find dog planters in your area? Are you looking for inflatable beds on websites? This post will help you to discover the authenticity of online platforms that sell similar products. The website is located in the United States area and claims to sell a large number of best-selling items.

This article will discuss some details and Tometops review that this website has accumulated. Let us now take a quick look at the website. We will see what it offers, its drawbacks, as well as all the perks they have for online customers.

What are Tometops ?

It’s an online portal that offers great products, such as wallets and floating bed worth buying. They offer a large selection of product catalogues and are dedicated to their work. We will mention a few of their products.

  • Inflatable beds
  • Portable mobile phone amplifier.
  • Telephone holder
  • Projectors
  • Fence
  • Dog planter
  • Watches
  • Drone

We will now move on to the next step in order to confirm its reliability.

Some Details of Tometops

  • They offer a complete range of watches, drones and other accessories, but they are most known for selling inflatable beds, dog planters, and other pet products.
  • This website URL is
  • The website was launched on 04/11/2020 and will expire 04/11/2021. This website is now eight months and nine day old.
  • Although they do not have a contact number or office address, they provide live chat Monday through Friday from 9 am to 10 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm GMT.
  • Consider the Tometops Reviews. The payment methods are PayPal, MasterCard, or debit card.
  • A [email protected] email address is also available.
  • All over the website are icons for social media.
  • They offer a 14 day return and refund policy.
  • Normal circumstances allow for delivery to take between 1 and 5 days. Remote delivery is available for an additional charge.

What perks does this website offer?

  • You can get courier delivery in remote locations by visiting the Tometops Review website.
  • These include projectors and many other items.
  • This website offers worldwide shipping for free at a cost of $49.
  • A webpage includes a mention of an email address.
  • For this website, a Facebook page is available.

The Website

  • It is possible to suspect that there is no office or contact number.
  • Trust pilot and Internet reviews are not available.
  • They have a low trust score at 8%, and their trust rank is 47.4/100.
  • This website is using two different email addresses.

Is Tometops a Legit ?

To verify the authenticity of this site, we did further investigation and discovered the following:

  • Social media Links:Unfortunately, only a Facebook page is allowed with no reviews. You can also see Pinterest, YouTube and other social media links for this website.
  • Trust Score and Trust Ranking: A low trust score (8%) and an average trust ranking of 47.4/100 have been reported by the website.
  • Alexa ranking The Alexa rank for website is 417715. This may build trust among online consumers.
  • Domain age Based on the Tometops Review website, although it is 8 months old, it has not gained much popularity over the Internet.
  • Policies All policies have been included, including the return policy.
  • Discount information.Discounts may be available on the website.

Customer Reviews

The website does not have any reviews, so it is suspect. Trustpilot has no reviews which further proves the doubtful nature of this website. It is important to do extensive research before purchasing products from Trust Pilot.

The Final Verdict

The Tometops Review reported that the website sells fences, but it has yet to gain attention on social media platforms Pinterest and YouTube. This website has an official Facebook page.

Information, such as the name of the owner, contact address and office, is a major drawback. The website’s trust score is also low. The email address is also inconsistent on Facebook and the webpage, further proving that the site has not built trust. This website is questionable as it has not received any reviews and it’s more than six years old. Find out if you are a victim of PayPal scams.

Do you have any knowledge about this site? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.