Tokkou is a brand spreading Japanese inspired fashion to the world. We enhanced Japanese denims by keeping our origin. Our goal is not only to introduce the Japanese brand TOKKOU but also to rule over the fashion world. Let’s take a short look at who we are, what makes us the best among all, and if we are all worthy of your time and attention.

Who are we?

We are TOKKOU, a Japanese fashion-inspired, London-based brand. The Japanese youth subculture, bōsōzoku, inspires our designs; that’s the essence of our brand. And these are made by well- experienced craftsmen to meet the demand to make the best product in the fashion world. Our brand name came from the Japanese term ‘tokkō-foku’ & its meaning is ‘special attack clothing’. Our specialty is tuniqueing the looks of clothes. Leather & jackets, flatterers suits, sunglasses, hairdos, and hairbands that give a new fashion look to the bikers.

What kinds of products are we selling?

We use the best sustainable fabrics in Japan. Besides that we use the best Italian fabrics. We can assure you we have the best Japanese denim, just tell us what you need. If you are looking for shirts and jackets, we’ve leather and denim collections. For cotton shirts, t-shirts and hoodie lovers, we have those also. What you need to do is select your desired product. No doubt, customer satisfaction is always our first priority, no matter what. Keep updating with our latest collection to get your desired item. 

  • A great collection combines damaged jeans sporty clothes; this was inspired by Oasis’s “Live Forever.”
  • Tokkou X 4649 Collaborative- We have a collection, a mixture of the modern-world and traditional-Japanese fashion.
  • Black valentine’s Day Gift Idea- Normally red is the color of Valentine’s day, but for those people black is forever love and stylish color, we have an interesting collection for them.
  • We have attractive Japanese denim as we cannot go out without those now.

We’ve many more things to check out. Also, our team gives importance to the product quality rather than launching more products.  Pay a visit to our site for further information.

Why would you choose us?

We have the best fabrics and designers to guarantee the quality of our products. We are keeping our roots combined with modern fashion, which has given TOKKOU a unique dimension. Our materials and designs are similar to western style, though those are made in japan. We have a great collection to fulfill customers’ needs.

What’s the uniqueness in us?

Dresses are not only a wearing, and it represents us, our culture & choices also. TOKKOU’s designs are inspired from the Japanese youth subculture, Bōsōu-zoku which is unique. We tried and are still trying to spread this street culture into the world. Japanese motivational words are written on clothes to represent Japanese culture.

Thank you!

Thank you for your valuable time. We hope we didn’t disappoint you. Hoping to see you on our customer list.

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