Todd General Store Todd NC is a store that is located 11 miles from Boone and 10 miles south of West Jefferson. Read this article to learn more about this place. The article will help the reader to get an idea of ​​the current incident that attacked the store.

The store, located on Todd Railroad Grade Rd, is currently in the news. The news is widely circulated in the United States and nearby regions.

About the Todd General Store

This store is originally recognized as Cook Brothers General Store. Monroe and Walter Cook built his building. Established in 1914, it won the hearts of its inhabitants and visitors. Todd General Store Todd NC is in the news over a mishap.

What happened to the Todd General Store?

The store faced a total loss as a fire engulfed it on February 25. According to Ashe County Emergence, management coordinator Patty Gambill was informed of the incident at 21:51. In the United States, this fire message is common when E-911 Center was called.

On February 26, the fire department cleared the scene at 3:15 a.m. However, Todd VFD was called to the scene at 8:47 a.m.

Gambill at the Todd General Store Todd NC

According to Gambilla, the SBI is in charge of the fire investigation as it is a commercial building. The fire started on the west end of the building. The fire pattern started from the kitchen area located near the center of the west wall.

The store was visited to recall times of simple, basic and real life. It was the best place to meet highlanders and listen to talks from the time of the railway. Once upon a time, Todd was the largest city in Ashe and Watauga counties in the mountains of North Carolina.

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Features of the Todd General Store Todd NC

In its time, the shop offers home-made jellies, delicatessen, handicrafts, ice cream, music and tapes, antiques, collections, books by local authors, rustic furniture, etc. There was also regular outdoor dining in front. It was the perfect place for home-cooked dinners. Most of these dinners were eaten on Tuesday. People liked past entertainment and storytelling. Friday evenings were full of bluegrass music.

The house was converted into a retail space in 1986, offering antiques, collectibles, and other crafts. In 1994, it was converted back into a rental estate until December 2000.


Todd General Store Todd NC was once a place to be treasured. It was nostalgic for many, but now the fire strike shocked everyone. The main core of the fire has yet to be determined. This fire seriously damaged the historic general store. There is also a provision for donation. GoFundMe was founded to support the owners of this 107-year-old three-story structure.

Have you ever visited this store? Write your views on the tragedy that happened in this place.


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