The following article contains all the information, tips and clues to help players in finding the right answer for wordle 328, not the Tissy Wordle.

Do you love solving wordle puzzles often? Are you a passionate wordle puzzler? Are you struggling to solve an everyday wordle that has misspelled words! A large number of people from countries like Canada, the United States, Canada as well as Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia are searching for the perfect solution to the wordle puzzle 332.

Many have solved the puzzle by using Tissy according to the provided clues, however wordle has indicated that it is an incorrect answer. Therefore, players are confused as to whether the Tissy Wordle is the answer to the 328 wordle or a brand new version of the puzzle!

Is Tissy a brand new version? Or is it a solution for the wordle #328!

After extensive research We discovered that this isn’t a wordle-based version. It is actually an incorrect spelling word for wordle 328. The correct answer to the puzzle of the 13th May was Tipsy However, some people were confused by the rhyme terms “TIPSY” and “TISSY.”

The meaning behind “TIPSY” is also very intriguing as it refers to someone who has drunk only a tiny or only slightly. However is the misspelled word carry any significance? Let’s discover!

Know the Tissy Definition!

This is evident in the irritated behavior of males when they began to behave like females in anger. Therefore, we can conclude that the word that is misspelled has a meaning however it’s not the right word based on the clues and suggestions for wordle 328.

For solving the puzzle of wordle players must read odd words in the online dictionary or begin to draw the synonyms for the most familiar words. This will assist all avid players to solve the wordle with ease. Go to the bottom of the page to find the tips on how to crack wordle 328 in order to discover the correct answer.

Tissy Wordle: Hints to help you find the correct answer for the 13th May Wordle

  • The wordle today begins by beginning with”T” as the first letter “T” and ends with the letter “Y.”
  • The present solution is a single vowel which will be filled in 2nd place.
  • The vowel that is used will be “I.”
  • The biggest Hint Today’s wordle solution is drunk.

Rules for playing wordle games to find the right answer!

  • The tiles should be filled with the five-letter word that has a meaning with the hint given to you.
  • The wordle tiles filled with words will begin to change color.
  • Colors used to indicate the letter will indicate color. Green color for the correct letter. Yellow color yellow for the right letter, but in the wrong location or gray for the wrong letter.
  • When we examine the Tissy definition ,we can claim that the definition isn’t accurate, however since it is a related word, it will display grey in the 3rd place.

What is the reason this game’s answer becoming popular?

Wordle introduces a brand new word, which is new to as they aren’t words that are commonly used. Therefore, users were confused by similar and rhyming terms. This is the major reason for the increasing number of wordle answers.


Based on our research on the internet Based on our research, we can conclude”TIPSY” is the right answer to the wordle number 328 would be “TIPSY.” Tissy Wordle is an incorrect spelling word since it is similar to the answer for The 13th may wordle. In addition, if you’d want to find out more information regarding the wordle number 328 please click here.

Have you found the right answer to the wordle 328? Or not? Leave a comment below about your experiences playing with wordle.