Various factors have played a part in the success of tissue pack advertising, including the fact that print on the back of a tissue is a much more cost-effective advertising method as opposed to distributing flyers and placing advertisements in newspapers. 

Furthermore, tissues are used in everyday life, and as such consumers are exposed to branding every time tissue is taken from their packaging, which is why tissue advertising is one of the best ways to boost brand recognition and marketing campaigns regardless of whether the product or service. Our blog offers more information on the effectiveness and impact of tissue advertising, along with additional resources of tissue advertising on our blog. 

It is essential that if you want your business to compete and grow effectively amid today’s highly competitive world, your marketing strategy is on point. If your business wants to stay competitive, you need to make sure that it is on point. 

To save you as much money as possible, we have put together a range of solutions designed to maximize the efficiency of campaign execution while maintaining the highest level of quality and keeping costs to a minimum. 

Advertising On Tissues

To reach out to a wider audience, collaborating with different companies is the right strategy. Realize businesses that you can cross-promote with, offering merchandise or services that complement and enhance your company’s offerings. 

Following the Rules of Best Business Practice, a well-planned cross-promotion campaign like customized tissue advertising will save each party a good deal of money, in terms of advertising. 

Tissue Advertisement For Wallets

Are you in need of a tissue pack that is simple to use, but when it comes to efficiency, it packs a real punch? This wallet tissue printing product is the best choice for you. 

A wallet tissue is an excellent choice to propel your marketing campaign because it is a great way to use wallet tissue cost-effectively, as well as easy to distribute. Due to its high reusability, your brand’s image is repeated multiple times in the consumer’s mind. 

Using these high-quality tissue packs will give your marketing campaign a premium feel, therefore elevating your brand value. We offer wallet tissue packs with a glossy or matt finish. 

If you let our marketing team know what your needs and design are, they can help you choose the right option, to make sure that your investment is maximized.

Advertising On Tissue Packets: Why Companies Do It

I don’t find it strange at all that during our walk, we cannot help but notice that there are a lot of part-time workers handing out marketing flyers in an MRT station. Some of them will also occasionally hand out tissue paper, but there aren’t too many.

You heard me right – free tissue paper! Of course, these tissue paper packets also contain marketing material of some kind. This will usually be printed on the tissue paper packet itself or on a card that is attached to the packet.

You may be wondering: Does it work? In Singapore, using personalized tissues for marketing purposes is relatively common. But, have you ever wondered: Does it work? This form of guerilla marketing that originated in Japan owes some of its success to the way it’s done. Using it for your brand’s marketing, here are some tips for how to use it effectively:

I Like The Way It Works

Flyers are often regarded as an advertisement by some consumers since they already know it’s just a brochure. Despite this, if a recent survey of Japanese consumers is anything to go by, it seems that they are much more inclined to accept free tissue than they used to be. The survey found that up to 76% of 100,000 respondents would accept a free tissue pack in exchange for completing the survey.

What is the secret to this, then, is probably the fact that tissues are useful – and who doesn’t use tissues, right? It is old-fashioned consumer mentality to say that it doesn’t matter if you only save a few cents, as long as you are taking something that will still be useful to you.

I Can See It Clearly

It is interesting to note that folks tend to bring tissues with them wherever they go. In the course of a life, a company’s advertising is going to be seen several times, whether it is during the day or even over a few days, and every time someone looks at the advertisement, they remember it.

Often, tissue packs are something that people tend to keep around the house. Or, they give them to friends and family members for no particular reason. If your advertisement is distributed effectively via these organic channels, you can find new audiences within a very short period.

Aimed At Most Audiences

The objective of marketing is to reach your target audience so it is important to figure out a way to do so. Despite this, tissue paper advertising works well with every demographic. So, this marketing method can be used for big campaigns like promoting a cause, creating buzz for an event, and spreading brand awareness for new businesses.

Moreover, It Is Cost-Effective

Considering the costs associated with traditional marketing and advertising methods, tissue advertising stands out as a highly cost-effective option. In Singapore, you will get a good deal if you order tissue packs in bulk, especially if you use your design.

I believe the most labor-intensive part of this project will be to employ people to hand out the tissues to people at strategic locations. On the other hand, if you happen to find willing businesses that will display free tissue paper for you on their counters, you can save even more on the labor costs.