CS is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world, with a very long history. Today we will discuss tips on how we can improve our skills  in CS game.If you like CS, visit and download CS 1.6 game  here.

CS Game Features

Counter-Strike may seem like a simple shooter at first glance. However, strategy and consistency are important here. Many players succumb to the feeling of adrenaline. However, the most important thing here is calm, deliberate and balanced decisions. Of course, it is quite difficult to remain calm in the gameplay. However, players should learn to control themselves and their emotions. Otherwise, ill-considered decisions can have dire consequences.

Getting started in the game

It is not recommended for new players to start playing immediately on a server. It is a good idea to start with your own game, where it is sufficient to choose a simple bot and a standard map. Only after gaining some skills and knowledge can you choose a server.

At the start of the game on the server, many newcomers to the game acquire “Desert Eagle”. This is far from a good decision. If you do not have the skills to own a professional weapon, it is recommended to give preference to the starter weapon. This gun can later be exchanged for the enemy’s gun.

Useful tips

No matter who you play as, you must not push your opponent. Especially if he wants to throw a grenade. In such cases a grenade can land not in the enemy’s lair, but in your own allies. In a multi-level game everyone blames the grenade-thrower, without even realizing that a standard encounter has led to it.

Another rookie mistake is reloading your weapon after every kill or shot. This is wrong. During reloading, the player becomes more vulnerable and can be killed by the enemy. There is enough ammunition in one weapon to fire several shots. If you do need to reload, it’s best to reload under cover.

If you stick to a few simple rules, even a beginner can conduct a decent battle, slowly but surely destroying your opponents. Calmness, control and self-control are important here.