Many families have two children, but the number of rooms is limited. if you cannot move to a larger house, two children will inevitably be crammed into one room, which raises the question of how to make a room to sleep two children. In fact, the solution is also very simple: purchase a bunk bed. Today we will discuss how to purchase a mattress


Benefits of Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is one that has two beds stacked on top of each other. Bunk beds have numerous advantages if you have limited space in your home.

1. Saves space

Bunk beds are attractive and take up little space; they also have more functions than regular children’s beds. Better designed bunk beds will also include some storage cabinets, which not only serve as storage but also add to the design beauty.

2. It is convenient and secure.

Bunk beds for kids have high guardrails on the sides, allowing older children to sleep on the bed. The combination is very practical, designed with many places to put things, for children to separate their toys, two small children sleep in a room, it is also more convenient to care for them at night.


Buying bunk beds you need to focus on

In fact,how to buy the right bed is a matter worth considering.Your living environment and needs must also be considered when selecting a bunk bed. Don’t just buy the first bunk bed you see; there are some things you should think about before purchasing a bunk bed.

1.The sort bunk bed you require

To meet the various needs of users, a variety of beds are available. Determine your needs for a bunk bed first. For example, you can select a basic bunk bed, such as a double bed, a single double bed, or a loft bed above the learning center.

2.The features you require

These beds include a variety of extras such as learning areas, storage space, and play features such as slides or tents. You can add features that you or your child require, and it is best to consult with your child as they may be able to tell you about their specific needs.

3.Select your fashion style

Because bunk beds are available in a variety of styles, you have a number of options. You can select materials such as wood or metal, the tone or color of the bed, and, most importantly, the size of the bed.

4.Confirm that the bunk bed you select is secure.

Because it is critical to ensure your child’s safety, ensure that the bunk bed is safe by installing all of the safety features such as guard rails, headboards, and footrests, and also explain to your child why it is so important to follow the bunk bed safety rules.

Suggestions for Choosing Bunk Beds

1.First, think about bunk beds in a warm color with a simple and generous shape.

Bunk beds, if the use of warm “light Camel” with a representative of the pure and beautiful “white,” to give the space a clean and clear sense of transparency, so that the child’s room is more warm and comfortable.

To give the child the most space for activities, the bunk bed’s shape should be simple and generous, making full use of every 1 square meter of space and not skimping on any corners (children are active).

2.all-around care for children in a secure and firm environment

The top bunk is designed with fence bed rails, good ventilation, to reduce the child’s sense of separation, and to make it easy for parents to check on the child’s status at any time.

Fences with reasonable spacing are designed to prevent children from becoming accidentally entangled in their hands and feet while playing. At the same time, the cylindrical railing provides a safe handrail for children to play with.

3.Excellent storage; saves space

The best reading age for children is between the ages of three and six. At this stage, children will try to recognize the world through their eyes and learn new things. As a result, mothers and fathers must take full advantage of this critical period to help their children develop their reading skills.

Optional with under-bed drawers, large capacity, improves space utilization, toy and book storage does not matter.

Step ladder with multiple drawers for storing children’s clothes and toys, ample space, strong and stable load-bearing capacity

Bunk bedClassification

  1. Parallel type bunk bed

The bed occupies the same side of the façade as the two-way parallel bunk bed, so the space utilization rate is higher. This is a classic basic model, which is also a popular model.

Because the lower bed is generally designed to be a little wider than the upper bed, it is ideal if there are two children in the family, with the older one living in the lower bunk and the younger one living in the upper bunk.


Staggered parallel bunk bed, two staggered beds, and empty space under the bed can also be arranged closet, desk bookcase, etc., so that the cabinet function is more diverse, not only can make better space utilization, but also can save a lot of other furniture spending.

However, the horizontal length of the bedroom requirements for this type of bed are relatively longer, so whether we buy finished products or tailor-made, we must first consider the length and width of the bedroom problem.

2. L-shaped misaligned bunk bed


Bedrooms with little difference in length and width can benefit from an L-shaped staggered bunk bed, which not only complements the shape of the personality of the foot, but also optimizes the use of corner space.

The staggered arrangement also makes the lower bed design more flexible and beds independent, lying on it does not have a strong sense of constraint, staggered out of the space can also arrange other functional design.

Alternatively, try a design that separates the upper and lower beds, such as this: upper bed lower table + lower bed, upper bed lower cabinet + lower bed. ……

If the bedroom has a bay window, it is also a good idea to build the lower bed on the bay platform to increase the lower bed’s use area.

It is recommended for this practice to extend the bay platform with tatami mats/storage cabinets for the lower bed, and then lay a mattress on it so that it serves both storage and sleeping purposes.

If the lower bed is not in use, you can store the quilts and pillows and use it as a relaxing nook.

Now that there are many of these bunk beds on the market, you can take in the infrequently used bed to the bottom of the bed, will not take up space, and can also make more space to move if two children live in the same room.

This bed is highly adaptable and extremely comfortable, making it ideal as a spare bed for relatives and friends to sleep over on occasion. Of course, the “sub-bed” can also be used as a play platform for children, which is far more comfortable than playing on the floor.

A sliding desk, in addition to the sliding bed, can be stacked on the bottom bunk to accommodate children’s homework and adults’ offices, with more space and furniture.utilization!


The frame of the bunk bed is expertly crafted from high grade pine wood and MDF for increased weight capacity, and it is also finished in quality lacquer to prevent day-to-day wear and tear.

Construction of high quality: This bunk bed is strengthened with 7 slats on top and 9 on the bottom to evenly disperse the mattress weight for reliable everyday use. It is made from a durable pine wood frame and flawless finished surfaces built with care to resist erosion, scratches, and other untimely wear.

Lower Bunk Convertible: For maximum versatility, the lower bunk can be converted into a square seat with guardrails on three sides. The compact structure was designed with limited space in mind, making it ideal for a small bedroom, and you can simply fold the lower bunk to save even more space when not in use.

Simple to assemble: Dimensions of the product: 78.8*72.9*68.8 inches. With all parts and fittings numbered sequentially, you can complete the assembly quickly and easily. Please contact our customer service representative if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the product.

Above is a discussion of how to buy bunk beds that are appropriate for our rooms; we recommend a few bunk beds in the hopes that they will assist you.