Are you relocating from Boston to New York? This long-distance move might seem intimidating, but we are here to provide you with some tips. These tips will help you make it much easier and stress-free. New York is the place where you get lost among the crowd of people from different origins and races.

Also, NYC rents are more expensive, and therefore, moving is advisable when you have a job. Since many people move to NYC, it is recommended that you plan the move and avoid last-minute changes, and bookings. The best way is to get professional Boston to New York movers and try to book them at least 2–3 months in advance. Here are some other useful tips:

Moving on the Weekdays

Most moving companies and moving experts suggest moving on weekdays because weekends would be full, and you won’t be able to either find a spot or the movers would be always in a rush to move. Take one day off from work and move tension-free. Also, it is easier to find a spot during the weekdays and movers are a bit more flexible than on the weekends.

Book the Evening or Nighttime

Another tip that comes in handy while doing long-distance moving is to move during the evening or nighttime to avoid traffic and drive through without any issues. The daytime is the favorite time for most people to move because of obvious reasons. However, those slots would be full, and the traffic would be terrible.

A distance that should be covered in 20 minutes would take an hour if you choose the daytime. Starting in the evening is a smarter choice, or even at night. You have to take care of the fact that you have access to the new place at the time you are reaching. Some buildings do not allow move-ins during the wintertime.

Move During the Off-Season (Winter)

Avoid moving during the warm months because they are usually booked out. If you are booking 3 to 4 months in advance, then you may be able to get a spot during the summer. However, again similar to the weekends and daytime, the movers are usually booked, and might be difficult to change the slots. They are much more flexible when you choose a spot during the off-season. If due to certain circumstances if you have to change the time or day, you are much more likely to find a spot if you have booked during the off-season.

Ditch the Car in NYC

NYC is full of people from different states of the US and from all around the world. With a higher population comes the problem of too many cars and traffic. However, NYC has amazing public transportation that runs 24/7. Therefore, use your car only when you need to go to a place which is far or to a different city. However, within the city, choose the subway. There are monthly passes that allow a person to ride the subway, buses, and a certain limited number of trains. 

Finding Rental Cars is Tough and Expensive

Rental cars are too expensive and are also difficult to find. They are usually booked out. You might not find a car when you want just because you did not book it in advance. If you are going for a DIY move from Boston to New York, then getting a rental is your best option. Make sure you have insurance along with the vehicle. However, we would advise you to go with the professional moving team who have experience in overcoming the challenges you might face during the long-distance move.

Have a Storage Option

When you are booking a moving company, make sure they have a storage option too. Sometimes the new home might not be as big as the one you had in Boston, and now you have too many things. You can store your things with the moving company for a certain period. The payments vary depending on the movers, how long you want to keep your things, and how many things you want to store.

Know the Access Fee

Did you know that the moving company might charge you extra fees if they face delays or complications? That is known as the access fee. For example, when there is no option for an elevator in the building in NYC or there is no parking space in front of the building. In that case, the movers have to put in extra effort to carry the stuff and climb several flights of stairs. In New York, the access fee to climb stairs is $1 to $2 per step.


Those are a few points to keep in mind while moving from Boston to NYC. NYC is in many ways similar to Boston, and at the same time is different. Our tips are focused on making your move simpler, faster, and stress-free. You can of course go DIY and save money. However, there will be a lot of stress, effort, and time that will go into planning.

According to moving experts, the money spent becomes almost the same as the one you would need to hire professionals. You pay maybe 2- to 30% more because they are experienced, and your things are secure with them.