Have you ever had the sense that your video edits are taking Words to heart? If every time limit, you’re given feels like a death sentence, you must have been the steepest editor living today.

Generally, video editing is a time-consuming and laborious activity. If you’re a skilled video editor or maybe just love throwing in your video content for pleasure, read on for tips, try to implement, and start gaining back some of your time today! How can I speed up video editing?” An issue that almost everyone who edits videos on a constant schedule has pondered at some point. It’s a question with no definite solution, and not every response will be appropriate to everybody. Read through them all and then start adopting the ones that intrigue you. You’ll be well on your way to conserving that most valuable of resources before you know it.

  • Watch All Film Before Importing – “Watching all footage before importing it into the editing programme is a great method that can help you become a much more productive editor. You’ll notice how much time has been saved right away. You used to become tired when starting a new project, but now you’ll have a better sense of what clips should be in the beginning, designated B-roll, and deleted sequences because you’ve already done this. Also, go through the tape fast and don’t get caught up in quibbling when it’s not necessary. It reduces the fraction of stress in your life.
  • Use your head first – If you’re wondering how to edit faster, think about it in your mind first. This is a fascinating question to which everyone will respond differently. “Trust your head” is my mantra. In other words, having non-linear thinking and being able to edit in your brain before reaching for the mouse, pen, or jog wheel is crucial. I mean, You have your own CPU, use that!
  • Think about what you’re trying to accomplish – ” Think of yourself as an editor working on a big commercial or a project you have shot. As soon as you see a preview screening of your video, it becomes clear that you are way off target and that the footage does not fit your overall plan. In the middle of your journey, you became disoriented and dropped. Be clear to get all the technologies you need to complete your project. These tools can help you navigate the underworld of clips during editing.
  • Maintain Patience- Let us just confront it, if you want to earn a living as a video editor, you’ll have to engage in some demanding and unpleasant assignments. Such tasks will put you under strain in unexpected ways, so make a mental note of a few things you know will arise before you begin. There are always some adjustments, some that you’ll not like with, and some of which will be made at the last minute. These are things over which you have no power and which are a necessary element of the job. You are mistaken if you believe you can edit something, send out the first cut, and immediately receive acclaim for your excellent work, completing the task in one round. So my friend, be patient and have patience.
  • Rewatching Every Video Towards the Conclusion of the Edit – “Although it is undoubtedly essential to properly review all footage at the early stages of a project, I feel that rewatching all material close to the end is also beneficial. Rewatching video clips may sound monotonous and time-consuming, but you would frequently find a great piece of footage after doing so. Throughout editing a video, your feelings and mood regarding a certain shot or scenario could drastically change. Perhaps a couple of elements in the edit aren’t quite right. Rather than rearranging all of the footage, you can fix an issue by bringing in a shot that had previously been noticed or disregarded.
  • Don’t Push Yourself Too Badly! – Editing is a brain process, and when you’re exhausted, your brain shuts down and everything becomes impossible. That is why it is believed that one of the most important things you should learn is how to manage your hours, get enough rest, and not work too hard to not only be effective as an editor but also to avoid burnout and thrive in the field.

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  • AI Portrait 
  • Just one of the bulk features of filmora. Portrait mode is now available in video form too! Sounds impossible right? But trust me, filmora has it all. It magically removes the background of the video, letting your eyes stick to the main element of the video. That’s great! One more thing, you won’t even have to think of green screen or chroma key effects.
    AR Stickers 
  • When you get Filmora version 10.4, you also get to use a bundle of 40 face AR stickers to implement in the video. You get animalistic, Accessories and popular characters stickers.
    Newly-added Stock Media Option 
  • Gone are the days when you had to hop from one copyright-free images site to another which only increased your working time. With filmora you get an inbuilt stock media option with thousands of clips of the same interest presented together according to your preference.  
    Custom Title Animation 
  • Wondershare Filmora 10.4 also allows you to make beautiful custom animation text. This is made possible via keyframing. You won’t deny how important it has become to have this feature while working on a commercial video editing project. It makes the video fantastic and fabulously eye-catchy!

A lot of newbies drop the idea of being a video editor because they feel the process is so tiresome. But the truth is, they don’t get to find the perfect software to edit. Wondershare Filmora is one with awesome new features like AI portrait and AR stickers, made for beginners and experts alike. It saves time, builds efficiency and makes the project effective!