As soon as Instagram became popular, users began hashtagging every post with #tbt and #fashion. According to data reviewed by Mention, one-third of Instagram posts in 2018 had no captions, a social media and online marketing platform with 115 million user accounts. Understandably, not everyone is a fan of excessive hashtag use. Although hashtags are often used to increase exposure on Instagram, it is possible to attract new Instagram followers free without resorting to this tactic.

Prepare a well-thought-out Instagram marketing plan.

You need a strategy if you want to succeed at social media.

Increasing one’s number of Instagram followers is a good first objective. However, having numerous followers isn’t sufficient to make an Instagram account popular. Achieving this aim requires it to be part of a bigger strategy that links to the company’s overall mission and social marketing initiatives.

Make some awesome stuff.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but remember, if you care about your Instagram following. Ensure that every single image you include in your Instagram grid is of the highest quality and attention-grabbing.

New people that stumble over your profile should be intrigued enough to keep exploring (and click Follow).

Put oneself in a position to be located.

Instagram postings aren’t searchable, unfortunately. Your hashtags, however, are. Careful use of hashtags is a great technique to get Instagram free followers trials without spending a dime. Make your own branded hashtags if you want.

Using appropriate hashtags may increase your content’s discoverability. Hashtags are also trackable by Instagram users. This implies that even if someone does not follow your account, they may see the hashtagged information you’ve shared.

Don’t go crazy with the hashtags; Instagram allows up to 30 per post. Instead, you should try different numbers of hashtags until you find the sweet spot for your account.

Participate in Local Events

Instagram users should only include their friends’ handles when the post contains information specifically for them. However, you are free to follow anybody you choose. Furthermore, there is a high probability that the person you follow on Instagram may check out your profile and decide to follow you back.


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