Have you gotten a laser liposuction procedure done recently, or are you planning to get one done soon? 

You must be excited to see the toned and contoured body you desired! However, before you begin to see results from the procedure, you will have to undergo a recovery period of about a couple of months, only with the successful completion of the surgery, you will be able to see effective results from the procedure. 

Although there is nothing to worry about. Laser liposuction is a relatively simple procedure that is minimally invasive and most people are able to comfortably recover within 3 to 4 months completely with beautiful results. However, like any surgery, there is a risk of infection or complications which could impact the results of the procedure.

Recovery is an important part of any surgery, virtually as important as the procedure itself. This going right is as crucial as the surgery going right. With laser liposuction too, the BBL recovery period is an important phase because it greatly impacts the final results. Therefore, it is important to take all precautions, follow proper post-op care and medications to achieve the best results.

With a few liposuction recovery tips, you can enhance your recovery and make sure it all goes smoothly to get you great results. Read on to find out:

Prepare for your surgery in advance

It’s good to prepare yourself for anything in advance, therefore you should familiarize yourself with the procedure. When you plan to go for liposuction baton rouge based, consult a reputed surgeon. Ask them about the procedure and the immediate after-effects of the surgery you shall experience.

Knowing about these things in advance can help you prepare for them ahead of time. For instance, typically the procedure lasts up to an hour or so, post which you can feel a little dizzy from the anesthetic effect and shall be required to take a rest for an hour or two. It is recommended that you have a close friend or family member accompany you home. You might need to arrange for this. You also might need to take some time off work and require help with chores for a few days for proper rest post-liposuction. 

Knowing the recovery timeline too can help you understand what to anticipate during the course of recovery and how your recovery process would look like so that you are well prepared to handle it.

Prepare for your surgery and the first few weeks in advance, so that you are off to a good start and on your way to a positive recovery.

Postoperative immediate care

Postoperative care of the wounds and incision site is important. The site would be bandaged and your doctor would explain how to look after them for the next few days. Do make sure you know how to change your bandages and be careful with cleaning and dressing the wounds to avoid the risk of infection or scarring.

You cannot shower for at least a week after getting liposuction and there must be no contact of the incision site with water. Also, you must wear your compression garments at all times. You need to adhere to your medicines and prescriptions as well to avoid pain, discomfort, and even complications due to negligence. So be diligent with your postoperative care.

Do a consistent aftercare

The first week or so requires the most care for your wounds, however, aftercare goes well beyond that. You shall be able to resume your daily activities and get to a normal routine post 2 weeks of your surgery. But you shall have to keep wearing your compression garments even afterward. Wearing compression garments is important – they help in reducing swelling, bruising, and maintaining the ideal shape, and get the best results. So be prepared to wear them at all times except for when you’re in the shower –  for a month, and for at least 12 hours each day afterward. Don’t worry, you’ll find it weird for the first week but you’ll get used to it.

Take Proper diet 

For your body to kick back strong after the strain from the procedure, you need to take special care of the diet you are consuming. Consume a balanced diet rich in all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to build your nutrient stores that may have diminished from being under strain, and aid your recovery process. Consume lots of fluids and keep yourself hydrated. Also eating anti-inflammatory foods like broccoli, berries, avocados, and green tea can help reduce inflammation and pain resulting from the surgery.

You should also be avoiding alcohol and smoking before as well as after the surgery. Smoking can reduce blood flow thereby increasing your chances of infection. To improve the quality of your recovery and chances of any complications, it is recommended that you stay smoke-free for at least 4 weeks post-surgery.

Exercise plus proper rest 

Laser liposuction works best with good dietary habits and an active lifestyle. Although when you are in your recovery period, you are not to put your body under much exertion, however, a little bit of exercise with proper rest is essential. In fact, it is important to keep yourself moving to avoid the formation of blood clots that can lead to severe complications. You can safely engage in moderate physical activities such as walking and stretching by the first month and return to your normal routine by the end of 8-12 months. The doctor you consult for your liposuction baton rouge will be able to advise you on how much you should undertake. 

​​Give healing – time

It is important to give your body time to heal itself and adjust to change. So don’t rush things in a bid to see a rapid transformation. Respect the healing process of your body and give it the time it needs.

However, during the time do keep an eye out for any warning signs or symptoms that may be indicative that something is not right. Pay attention to your body, trust your healing process and give it its due time. With a healthy recovery, you shall be able to see great results with a perfectly contoured body and it’ll all be worth it!