It would be a lot of fun to bring your pet, like dogs, along with on your rides. Dogs carry infectious happiness that they pass to their owners. You might be worried about your dog being able to keep up or even getting his leash stuck between the wheels. However, there are salient tips that can help you protect your dog while riding an electric bike to your destination. This article is aimed at providing you with valuable information on how to include your dog safely.

Cycling with your Dog

There are numerous ways to keep your pet safe from any injuries from bike accidents. Dogs enjoy running around and wagging their tails to show excitement. So, it is common for them to cross the ebike’s path wrongfully. But you can put safety measures in place and train your dog on how to avoid the moving ebike. 

Preparing Your Dog For Exercise Sessions 

If your dog possesses the stamina to run along as you ride, you should be delighted. Ebikes represent a perfect means of getting some exercise. But even when your dog is healthy, you have to consult a veterinarian before creating any routines. This gives you more insight into whether or not your dog is too young or old to engage in stressful workouts or detect any comorbidities that could be worsened by exercise. For dogs that are pretty overweight, jogging might be too strenuous a physical activity to start with. Instead, you could start with regular walking routines before switching to physically exerting ones like running alongside a bike.

Purchase a Protective Dog Ebiking Gear 

Once your dog has been declared fit, the next step is to purchase the necessary materials for her to be well protected while being actively involved in the activity. Below are some of the most important supplies you would be needing:

●A leash that attaches your dog to the bike and keeps it away from the wheels.

●Dog harnesses instead of collars, which could cause neck strains. 

●A reflective tape could serve as an alternative to a harness. 

●Blinking lights or lights attached to the collar for easy navigation.  

●A small first aid kit. 

●Water bottles to last you and your dog. 

You can also add dog boots to protect its feet from sharp objects and slippery surfaces and reflective, waterproof rain gear for rainy and cold weather. 

Safe Biking With Your Dog 

For dogs that have never been around a bike before, a good place to start is to let her familiarize herself with the bike standing still. Afterwards, you can begin walking your dog with a leash alongside your electric bike while handing her treats every step of the way.  

You might have to do this frequently to get your dog used to it. But with time, the dog will get accustomed to being around the electric bike. So, you can easily ride your ebike, as she runs comfortably beside you. 

Help your Dog To Understand Cues

After getting your pet used to the feeling of having practice runs, you can now start teaching it some cues that are essential to biking alongside your dog. The cues include slowing down, showing your dog back on course if distracted, or making turns. You can teach these cues at first when you walk your dog. Then, after a while, you can incorporate it into your biking. 

Your choice of words is important because the cues have to be simple words, and you can add treats to get your dog’s attention further. For instance, directing the dog with a simple “this way” command can make it fall in line beside you when riding. Treats are a valuable way to reward your dogs for being so obedient. With time, they would be more and more open to learning new cues. 

Get Your Dog Used To Running Alongside Electric Bike

Your choice of paths should only include soft, grassy terrains. You should not expect your dog to be able to run far distances at once initially. Over time, they get more used to being involved in your exercise routine. At first, you can ride at walking speed for a bit of distance. As they get accustomed to the activity, you can increase the trotting speed after a short warm-up walk. 

You have to be observant to note when your pet is tired and stop the activity immediately. Signs of tiredness include heavy panting, loss of coordination, excessive drooling, etc. Please give them a good drink of water, and you could both rest under a shade till they are energized again. 

Practice Bicycle Leash Safety  

Regular leashes are not the best for you. Therefore, it is dangerous to attach this to your ebike’s frame when riding. You could quickly lose balance if the dog changes directions, or the leash could get stuck in the spokes of the electric bike. The bike button attachments for dogs have a spring system that keeps the bike steady even when the dog is pulling to protect both of you. 

If you want to make a pause, you shouldn’t keep your dog attached to the electric bike. Your dogs could get hurt in case the machine falls over them. These types of experiences could leave it traumatized and scared of being around bikes. 

What If My Dog Can’t Keep up? 

Your dog could be unable to keep up with an electric bike. These reasons include the age for puppies to avoid strenuous exercise that could hamper their growth. Several breeds cannot engage in any activity above light walking, such as the brachycephalic dogs like French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pugs and English Bulldogs. If you own a 500-watt electric bike from KBO Bike like mine, I would recommend to ride in pedal assist mode 1 and keep your speed low.

If your dog is overweight, you would have to ration the exercise into short sessions. But for older dogs with health issues, cycling should be avoided. You have to find creative means to involve them in your riding activity. It is also important to note that the older the dog gets, the higher the risk of arthritis. This makes them feel sores and stiff joints when resting from running. So, take your time with slow warm-ups and cool-down walks to make things easy for older dogs. 


Riding with your dog is a fun activity that you should explore as a dog owner. It keeps your pet fit while giving you both an avenue to exercise. Therefore, you must adhere to all the instructions contained in this piece. They would lead you both to many fulfilling and enjoyable adventures over time. Don’t let anything stop you from trying this out with your lovely dog today. Get started, and you won’t ever want to stop.