As a marketing business operator, there are many things to integrate in your business to make it more presentable and consistent, such as using invoice templates to create impressive invoices that add value and give a professional look to your business. There are free invoice templates for Google Sheets available to help you get paid for the work you have done or the services you provided, until the invoice you sent to the client is received.

If you are a novice in business operations, then you might be in a dilemma about creating a professional looking invoice that can make a great deal of impression on the client about your business. Whether you are invoicing for an online workshop, large marketing campaign, or SEO for a small business, it’s a must to be familiar with all the invoicing procedures and best practices.

This is where you have to choose an online invoice template available free. There are invoice templates for Google Docsavailable free to help you create smart invoices with a professional edge. You can also add your company logo after completing the template

Basics of an Invoice

If you are interested in creating your own business invoice then it is important to get yourself acquainted with the basics features or contents of an invoice. Invoices is all about containing information but besides that there are other particular things that an invoice should include:

  • Invoice Date – It is mentioned near the top of the invoice, it is the date you issued the invoice and sent out to the client.
  • Related invoice number – With the invoice number you can identify any invoice in your bookkeeping system and for the client’s record. If the client is making a transaction on the purchase order number assigned, then the related invoice number will show as well.
  • Business details – The business detail on your invoice includes your business name, address, your logo. Your client will know who the invoice is sent from.
  • Client details – The invoice must include the client’s information such as the client’s name and address. If you are sending the invoice to a large pr multinational then you also have to include the name of the person authorizing your invoice.
  • Product details – This information on your invoice tells the client about what  items  and the quantity of the items or services were provided to them.
  • Due date – This detail on the invoice informs the client when the payment has to be made. If you have a small business then you can mention “net 30”, this indicates that the invoice should be paid within the period of 30 days by the client.
  • Amount owing – you have mentioned the client with the total amount to be paid, but you can also offer your clients to pay the amount in installment, setting the specific amount to be paid over the period of a specific time. This will affect the total amount as you will be including the sales tax that you will have to charge on the installments.

Now start creating your own invoice by using invoice templates for Google docs. Download free invoice templates, you can either create invoice with the free template available with the help of invoice generator or create from scratch creating your very own unique invoices.