National Institute of Design or NID is well known as a premier design institute in India. It conducts DAT or Design Aptitude Test each year for offering students admission in the design field. Aspiring students across the nation participate in the entrance test to get admission into their desired college. 

However, it only offers 275 seats for the Masters of Design program and 100 seats for the Bachelor of Design program. So, there are large numbers of competitors who are willing to enroll an admission in NID. Many go for NID coaching to get a better position, while many choose to get prepared on their own. But the only thing that matters is aspiring students need to have the best exam strategy and preparation in order to crack it. 

There is no doubt that dedication and hard work towards your aim is the key to success. But without a proper plan or practical tips, it is difficult to tackle the NID entrance test easily. It is also necessary for students to have a thorough idea about the entire NID DAT exam pattern. Here are some preparation tips to follow for cracking the NID DAT examination.

Tips to Follow for Cracking the NID Exam

1. Know about marking schemes and exam patterns

This is a key point to keep in mind. The exam evaluates your visualization, knowledge, comprehension, analysis, and creativity. The subjective types of questions are of 70 marks, whereas the objective questions are of 30 marks. Moreover, you will have no negative marking in the examination. If MSQ is asked in the examination, then the weightage can vary from 0.5 to 4 marks. Also, try to have knowledge about which topic requires thorough revision and analyze the exam syllabus. All these will benefit you in formulating a strategy.

2. Uplift your Visualization and Observation Skills

The main motto of conducting the exam is to scrutinize the imaginative and creative skills of the candidates. In addition, they will be evaluated for their observation skills, general awareness knowledge, and visualization too. Only good sketching will not make you able to crack the NID entrance test. So, you need to improve the aforementioned skills.

3. Prepare a timetable

Similar to any other exam, for preparation, candidates need to plan and stick to a timetable. Moreover, make a daily, weekly, and monthly preparation plan for the exam. Further, you should attempt to finish the syllabus one month before the exam so that you will have enough time for revision. Along with that, solve as many previous year questions, the mock test, and sample papers as possible.

4. Work on the Speed

All the skills are just not enough to crack the test. Along with the skills, speed is also a crucial element to tackle the exam. You get a very limited time to answer all the questions, and for this, you require speed. Within the time limit, you must present your skills. Students also access NID coaching to get a grip on their speed and to learn the way in which they can solve questions easily. The more you have speed, the better you can answer questions. 

5. Solve NID mock tests and sample papers

All aspiring candidates should practice sample papers and previous year questions to have a better understanding of exam patterns. The plus point of solving all questions is that you can identify which topics are important. Moreover, attempting the NID mock tests will enable you to know the chapters you must focus on. Along with that, you will gain confidence and eventually will enhance your efficiency. You also get an idea about various sections of the NID examination.

6. Avoid making mistakes

You should not waste your time in erasing the work and again drawing it as you need to complete the exam in time. Therefore, to avoid mistakes, you can draw with a light hand and focus on the outline. In addition, you should begin detailing the work and then finalize it only after getting complete satisfaction.

7. Think Out of the Box

Candidates need to be creative in clearing the NID test. With ingenious ideas, they can astonish the test takers. Above all, they must think out of the box to get unique ideas. This will help in cracking the exam.


Following all these preparation tips while studying will surely assist the candidates in achieving their goals. Devote your time, be focused and sincere during the preparation phase. The more you will stick to the exam strategy, the better you can hit the target. Focus on your ambition and clear the NID examination with flying colors.