Wedding is a celebration of a union of two souls. It is the preamble of the remarkable journey that you’ll begin as a couple. It marks a new chapter of your life. And therefore choosing the special wedding bands that reflect your relationship, love, affection, and unique story needs to be remarkable.

Finding unique wedding bands online can be both exciting and overwhelming. To make your wedding band shopping experience enjoyable, we’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you buy the perfect wedding bands for the special ceremony.

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To make it simple, let’s break down the ring selection process into various phases.

Wedding Ring Selection Phases

  • Matching, non-matching, complementing designs
  • Style of the wedding band- eternity, vintage, classic, half-eternity, bi-metal, milgrain detailed, textured, etc
  • Setting style- Complete metal vs. diamond wedding bands
  • Wedding band metal type- single metal or bimetal setting
  • Engraving

Love Rock NY presents an enchanting collection of traditional and gender-neutral wedding bands perfect for any couple. 

Now that you know what steps you need to follow to find the perfect wedding bands online let’s delve into the details for every step.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Bands Online      


Matching, Non-Matching, Or Complementing Wedding Bands

According to ancient tradition, couples should buy wedding bands that match each other. However, today, it is not mandatory or the tradition to wear matching bands. You can choose wedding bands that reflect the bond between you and your partner.

Matching Wedding Bands

The tradition of matching wedding rings was started in ancient Greek and Roman culture. In that primitive era, it was believed that a vein in the fourth (ring) finger of the left palm connected straight to the heart.

After ages, science has corrected the myth, but the tradition lives on. Additionally, matching wedding rings denotes togetherness, understanding, similarity, and equality among couples in the modern world.

Therefore if you love and respect traditional beliefs, you can pick similar wedding bands online.

Non-Matching Wedding Bands

Wedding is the union of two personalities. For couples who want to value their individual preferences or experiment with different styles, non-matching wedding bands are a great choice.

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With non-matching wedding bands online, you and your partner can express your own personal style. It portrays that both of your individuality makes the relationship complete.

Buy wedding bands online that match your personality, style and also complements the contours of your fingers.

Complementing Wedding Bands

The beautiful bond between two individuals signifies a remarkable long-lasting relationship. The couple in a relationship shares joys, sorrows, success, failures, etc. And what can be a better plan to celebrate the union of two souls than complementing wedding bands? 

Complementing wedding bands online illustrate a single design divided symmetrically into two rings. When you stack both the rings together, you get a complete design.

Such wedding bands offer a great balance of traditional cultures and modern beliefs.

Style Of The Wedding Band

The Timeless Classic Wedding Band

The easiest to match and most prevalent wedding bands. The classic band features a plain metal band. You can get both the wedding rings with the same metal, like platinum or yellow gold, or you can go for different metals for each band. 

You can buy wedding bands with classic designs for a simple, sophisticated appeal. 

Textured Wedding Band

Textured wedding bands feature textures either on the entire ring or on the edge of the wedding bands. You can go for a brushed surface wedding band with milgrain edges.

Eternity Wedding Bands

Eternity wedding bands feature an unbroken chain of diamonds handset inside the wedding band metal. You can choose any diamond shape or setting for eternity rings. An eternity ring represents eternal love.

Full eternity wedding band design is delicate and intricate. Therefore give special attention when you place the order and buy wedding bands featuring an eternity design. The ring must have the right size at the very first go since the intricacy of the design restricts resizing once crafted.

Half Eternity Wedding Bands

Half eternity wedding band boasts the perfect blend of style and comfort. In half eternity band, the stones are placed only on the top half of the band.

This makes the wedding band more sturdy, comfortable, and less cumbersome for everyday wear. The design marries a more contemporary style with the conventional design.

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Irrespective of the name, the diamonds don’t strictly need to cover half of the ring. You can go for 3-5 diamonds set just on the top portion of the band. This allows a more practical design for a busy lifestyle.

Vintage Wedding Bands

Old is gold. And the dramatic comeback of the vintage-inspired design has proven the notion correct. Couples with distinguished, eclectic style preferences have a special affinity towards vintage rings.

Vintage wedding bands feature fine, intricate designs with exquisite detailing. If you want to value or respect old-school royalty, then distinguishable vintage wedding bands online are a perfect pick.

Love Rocks NY has an elaborate collection of classic, eternity, and vintage-inspired wedding bands that’ll surely enchant you with their charismatic appeal.

Complete Metal Vs. Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond rings are the eternal symbol of love. However, with evolving modern design, textured wedding bands with honeycomb textures, milgrain edges, or brushed surfaces are becoming equally prevalent.

If you love the brilliant sparkle in your wedding bands, then you can go for a micro pave diamond setting. The style features small diamond stones encrusted together to impart a bewildering shine.

Wherever you buy wedding bands with diamonds, check the 4Cs certified by accredited organizations like GIA.

Precious Metal For Your Wedding Bands

Selecting a precious metal for your wedding band is quite essential since there aren’t just various options, but each of the metals also has unique properties.

Your daily lifestyle, personal comfort, financial budget, aesthetic preference, etc., determines the metal you choose for your wedding band. Mixing two metals to form a uniquely extraordinary design has become a common trend among modern couples.


Want to add an intimate touch to your wedding rings? Opt for engravings. Engrave wedding bands have become the modern element of romanticism. You and your partner will have a special message to share for a lifetime.

It imparts an exceptional value to your wedding bands shared exclusively between you and your life partner.

Use our guide to select the perfect wedding ring to celebrate one of the most remarkable new beginnings.


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