No bedroom is complete without a dressing table, and no woman can step out of her room without a glance at this dressing table. It is one of the most essential and prized possessions of any bedroom and not without reason. It not only carries and stores personal items like your perfumes, accessories, jewellery and makeup but also reflects your personality. It helps us decide to look our best before stepping out into the world. All that said, when it comes to purchasing a dressing table, a lot of factors come into play, such as the space available, the size of the dressing table, features and material. Wakefit offers dressing tables of various designs and colours available for viewing on its webpage.

How To Choose The Perfect Dressing Table?

Before you purchase a dressing table, there are certain considerations you need to make before sealing the deal, such as:

  1. Seating

If you search for a dressing table online, you may come across many types, among which some come along with a seating chair. Many dressing tables don’t come along with a seat or sofa. If you require a chair while sitting at your dressing table, ensure that your bedroom can accommodate sufficient space for both without cramping the area. The supportive seating need not necessarily match the dressing table’s colour and design but needs to be appropriate to your height and weight to support your posture and ensure comfort.

  1. Height and size of the dressing table 

Dressing tables come in various sizes. Some are tall but narrow in width, ideal for a minimalistic bedroom setup. There are a good number of varieties of dressing tables that are bigger in size and come with good storage space. 

  1. Storage space

Although most dressing tables have room for storage, their capacity depends on their size and design. If all you require from your dressing table is to store makeup and skincare essentials, you can opt for a smaller dressing table that would not take up a lot of space and fit perfectly in the corner of your bedroom. However, if you need your dressing table to double as a storage facility, you can select a type that has roomy multi-purpose drawers and shelves. 

  1. Mirrors

The mirror is the highlight or essential element of any dressing table. It is what sets apart a dressing table from an ordinary desk. Most dressing tables are equipped with built-in mirrors which align themselves with the overall design and appearance of the dressing table. However, you can also choose a dressing table without a mirror and place a freestanding mirror on the tabletop. This is a more suitable option if you are looking for a more mobile setup and if you’re planning to use the dressing table for multiple purposes. This setting allows more space and portability. 

  1. Lighting

Although traditional dressing tables do not offer this feature, many variants in the market are equipped with LED lighting and mirror. This is particularly useful for dimly lit areas or during the evenings when sufficient sunlight does not penetrate the room. Poor light can affect your makeup routine and diminish your visual appeal. 

Types of Dressing Tables Trending Right Now

The marketplace is filled with a variety of dressing tables designs, but which one is best suited for you? Read more to find out!

  • Contemporary: These dressing tables are best suited to contemporary homes. They have bold styling and finishing and effectively hold and display your personal items. They can be accommodated in a minimalist home and offer great visual appeal. 
  • Traditional: The traditional dressing tables match and blend well in most bedroom settings. They follow a wooden dressing table design and have a broad built-in mirror and an accompanying seating chair. 
  • Wall-mounted: A wall mounted dressing table uses lesser floor space and is thus ideal for smaller bedrooms. It is a dressing table with a mirror and is perfect for you if you prefer to stand and dress up. It can be adjusted according to your preferred height and are equipped with shelves and a tabletop for storage.
  • Ladder: A ladder dressing table resembles a ladder and is ideal for high-ceilinged rooms. They are tall and sleek and offer vertical storage to store multiple items without making the room too cluttered. 
  • Hollywood-style: This dressing table is glamorous with its bulb lights along with the mirror, and multiple shelves stacked upon each other. Its design is similar to the vanity used by actresses getting ready for their big show and thus evokes a cinematic dressing experience. 
  • Vintage: Vintage-style dressing tables exhume a royal look, made of white polished wood, golden handles on drawers and multiple, oval-shaped mirrors that impart elegance to the whole room. When accompanied with a matching chair, silver trays to store perfume bottles, this type of dressing table is ornate and purposeful at the same time. 

Now that you’re familiar with the most trending dressing table designs of this year, which one will you go for? Hope this article was helpful!