If you got Punjabi rishtey, and you wanted to make her your wife, we have some things for you today. Punjabi girls are beautiful, bold, and perfect to be a wife, girlfriend, or life partner. The most appreciated things about any Punjabi girls are that they wear straight forward and are emotional. A boy must have an adjusting personality and must be able to take things positively to be with a Punjabi wife. Since Punjab, originated girls always wanted their men to respect her the most; apart from that, the following tips would help to take the relationship forward:

  • Treat her family as it’s your own: one of the best things about any Punjabi girl is they love her family more than anything else in the world, and without them, they do not even think of surviving. So, while dating a Punjabi girl, make sure that you treat her family wisely, give them respect, and love that is unconditional and natural. This will impress the girl, and she will be proud of you.
  • Make sure you believe in god and spirituality: Punjabi girls are always rooted to their traditions, customs and always ready to take blessings of God or gurus. Therefore, while dating a Punjabi girl, then make sure you believe in God and you are a believer of any religion. She wanted you to believe in her spirituality, and this surely makes her impressed. This would surely help to grow your relationship most suitably and respectfully.
  • Go for a surprise first date: it is believed that the first impression is the last and therefore you must look to make sure that the first date must be remarkable for a lifetime. Being conservative, she always wanted to feel special by her man. Punjabi girls love food so you had better order her favourite food, drinks and cake. Bring a traditional yet stylish dress or take her shopping to make a good impression.
  • A security that she needs in a relationship: being a girl, she always wanted her man to be honest and wanted to be in a committed relationship. In the case of widower matrimony, girl wanted to feel secure as she already been through a lot, she is looking for a stable relationship where she feels happy and sure about the relationship. This could motivate her deeply, and she may find security in the relationship.
  • Choose interesting topics to chat about on a date: after the difficult part of finding the one, now it’s time to begin chatting so find some interesting topics. Use a small talk technique, choose topics:
    • Favourite movie star
    • like to shop
    • favourite things to do alone
    • ever had a one night stand
  • Need to be confident: confidence is the key to impress a Punjabi girl, before starting chatting it is important to be in your attitude. Be bold and do try to speak genuinely, and then see the magic of your words.
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