Imagine a school with no homework! 

Homework is boring and makes kids truant.

Students often see in their dreams that they are being chased by their Maths or Chemistry teacher, and they are running away, across the river…crossing the valleys, and reaching a blessed land untouched  by the burden of  homework!

Wake up, your dream is up. 

Pedagogists need some sort of introspection on why students shun their chemistry homeworkmathematics homework, and english homework. 

Pedagogists also need to identify the ghost in homework that drives students away. 

This is an important and pertinent topic of discussion, and we think this needs some serious discussion. 

Why Do Students Hate Homework On Subjects They Dislike?

There are many reasons behind this issue that is why students hate homework. The teachers and the guardian remain tense and bothered that the student ran away from homework on specific subjects. So let’s try and understand the psychology here.

1. They Are Oblivious To The Objective

The objective of the homework helper is to get hold of the lesson and get confident. For example, think for a while, you are given some exercise on Pythagoras Theorem in your school. 

Now the teacher gives an exhaustive homework of doing 100 sums. 

But the question is, if a student can do 20 sums to get confident in the subject, why do 100? This is excessive work! Kids will run away for sure.

2. Students Don’t Understand What To Learn

Sometimes students don’t understand what’s taught in class. If the concept isn’t clear, obviously, they will run away. 

Generally, the idea behind giving homework is to master the nitty-gritty of some subject. 

This means that students only get homework on anything taught in schools. Naturally, they will run away if they do not understand the subject.  

3. No Feedback On The Subject

Suppose you are given some home task on physics, and a test follows it. Teachers are supposed to provide feedback to the students. 

If the teacher doesn’t provide due feedback to the student, then it turns out to be difficult from the student’s perspective. 

As a teacher, if you do not provide feedback to the student, they won’t be motivated. As a result, students are getting out of motivation. 

4. Family Not Supportive Enough

The student feels allergic to the subject if the family is not supportive enough. This turns out to be a huge challenge back home. 

Suppose the parents don’t help the child complete English homework regularly. The students turn weak in English 8 upon10 occasions. 

5. Lower IQ

You may or may not accept the fact. Low IQ is definitely one of the reasons that students become scared of learning subjects like Mathematics and Chemistry. 

These subjects demand a lot of analytics and understanding of core concepts. For example, some students are not that good at theorems, formulas, and other mathematical expressions. As a result, mathematics turned out to be an Achilles heel in their entire career. 

Sadly, the students do not really possess the IQ to understand the core concepts. However, if a student understands the core concept, they are motivated to some extent. They learn with interest.  

Tips On Getting Your Homework Done If You Dislike The Subject

In this section, we are discussing the tips that help students cope with the study that they dislike. 

We understand that students are often in troubled waters while doing homework on weak subjects. So let’s try to give some effective tips on this.

1. List Of Assignments That Students Need To Do Immediately

Breaking down the entire homework into segments can be relieving at times. Suppose you have been given homework on Quadratic Equations. First, use some apps to get things simplified. 

Take no more than 15 minutes. Thereafter highlight which sums are easy and under the grip, do them first. Now once you get them done, now move towards the more difficult one. 

2. Make A Cheat Sheet 

Making a cheat sheet is considered a great way to do homework. For example, in Mathematics, you can master these cheat sheets. 

A cheat sheet is a plain piece of paper where you jot down some formulas. For example, you can make a chart where you jot down formulas of Trigonometry. 

There you are to remember the values of Sin, Cos, Tan, Cot, Cosec, and sec. When you are doing the homework, you could take help from the chart.

3. Work Extra On The Core Subject

Suppose you are doing some homework on The Rock chapter on Geography. There are concepts involved there. Take down the note from school. Read the book thoroughly. 

If you are interested, you can read some reference books and videos. This definitely lessens any kind of fear on the subject. By doing extra, you are able to manage things much more easily. 

4. Watch Videos 

Unable to form a good grasp on the Cell chapter in Biology?

Mitochondria in Plant and Animal Cells…does it appear as nothing but worms?

Weaker concepts, and fear of Biolog, right?

Watching videos is one of the most common ways of doing homework on weaker subjects. 

Go to YouTube; there are many, many lessons and concepts in the cell chapter. Watch them over and over again. 

You can do your homework much more easily by understanding the concepts. That is how it works. Watching some videos is a great way to understand the concept. 

5. Pick A Study Buddy 

Want to see Geography even in Chemistry? As odd and grotesque it can be!

This means you have a good command over Sedimentary, Metamorphic rocks, and Igneous rocks but falter when it comes to Metals and Non-metals. 

The status of your friend is just the opposite. So why don’t you two study in pairs, at least twice and thrice a week? 

Believe us; this is a great way to do homework on ghostly subjects. Both of you will strengthen your own capacity and benefit from the system. 


It is quite natural that you will not be strong with the subject that fits you most. You need to work continuously on your weak zones. This will make things a lot easier for you.

Follow the aforementioned tips to get a better understanding of subjects. With that, you are able to get a better grab on your homework. 

Let the ghost of your Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics run away.