Statistics show that the most utilized app on mobile phones is text messaging. And you don’t have to download anything to begin using it! The convenience of text messaging makes text messages pretty effective, especially in trials like text reminders for appointments, even when used with older demographics. 

The most effective way to communicate with research participants is through mobile messaging. When you have the right software, you’re able to reach participants anytime and anywhere. 

This article will dive into some essential features to look out for when purchasing your reminder app.

Two-way Text Chat

Some companies are still using one-way messaging for reminders – I hope you’re not one of them. It’s like sending a postcard in the mail or just leaving a voicemail. You can’t confirm that the person received the message. With so many limitations in one-way messaging, two-way messaging is thus a better option. A primary benefit of this service is that you accept and respond to the messages you receive promptly from the participants. Participants are also able to give replies in real-time. 

The two-way messaging feature has options like answer templates, auto-responses, and notifications. Two-way chat paves the way for successful ongoing communication between the study participants and researchers. 

Ask for confirmation

This is an essential feature in a reminder app because it will tell you whether the participants plan to show up at the beginning of an appointment. 

Follow-up nudges

We no longer send reminder emails. The follow-up nudge feature will enable you to send text reminders to the study participants in batches or individually. If the study participants don’t reply within a particular timeframe, you can quickly send a follow-up nudge. 

Conditional automated responses

Researchers will tell you that receiving a confirmation response from the study participants is critical. If you use mobile software supporting conditional responses, you can send a reply to a confirmation response. For example, if the participant says “yes” to an appointment, you can send a simple “thank you,” including additional details about preparing for the appointment. If the response is a “no,” an automated reply is sent to encourage them to reschedule. 

Ability to personalize messages

Mobile messaging software will allow you to personalize the messages, and therefore you can easily insert the coordinator’s name into the messages.

Flexibility and customization

When choosing the text reminders for appointments software to use, the most crucial feature that you must look out for is its flexibility and customization. Get software that will allow you to talk to your clients. You should be able to edit messages that you have sent or delivered previously. It would help if you also were sure that you’ve control over the process of updating your clients through a variety of templates and freeform replies.

When choosing messaging reminder software, you have to look for one that allows for flexibility and compatibility. The more the features of the software, the more you’ve better solutions.