Engagement rings are the most important part of your special day. At Luxuria diamonds, we have a wide catalog with exclusive designs at incredible prices. At Luxuria diamonds, we are specialized in diamond engagement rings, which is why we offer you a wide variety of high-grade diamond solitaires. In our affordable engagement rings for women, we use lab-grown diamond and sterling silver. In just a few years, the cheaper engagement ring has become an increasingly popular trend. 

Since an engagement ring is an important piece of jewelry and a very personal jewel and at Luxuria, you will surely find the perfect engagement ring for her. The perfect piece depends on many factors. The boyfriend must take into account what she is like, how she dresses, and what her hobbies are. If you have doubts about how to choose affordable engagement rings for women, contact us, and our team of wedding jewelry professionals will advise you.

How to determine the perfect engagement ring size? 

On the Luxuria website, you can read a size guide that will make it easier for you to choose the size of your engagement ring. In any case, you can also contact our Customer Service, we are at your disposal to help and advise you.  

Buy affordable engagement rings for women at luxuria diamonds

We are a jewelry store specializing in lab-created diamonds and all our jewelry is sent with a quality certificate. Do you want to purchase affordable engagement rings for women? At Luxuria you will find your ideal women’s ring for every occasion, we serve you in a personalized way, always offering you the best service. All our jewelry is sent with a case and bag, we know the importance of receiving a gift and we want you to have a magical experience. We pack everything very well so that your jewel is not damaged during transport. Besides, our shipments are made in 24-48 hours so you will have your jewel at home in a very short time. 

Solitaire Engagement Rings

We have the best engagement rings for men and women that you need for that long-awaited proposal. We know that fashion is currently in cheaper diamond engagement rings causing a sensation. Just taking the step to get married is important and at Luxuria Jewelry, we are here to accompany you and help you choose the ideal engagement ring for your partner. 

Tips to keep in mind before buying engagement rings

Each person is unique and therefore for each one there is an engagement ring made just for him. At Luxuria Jewelry, you can find options for affordable engagement rings for women under $100. You will find models with zircons and precious stones. Since the price range of engagement rings is enormous and that is why you must be very clear about a ring style and a predefined budget. Buying an engagement ring is a super special moment that will only be repeated once in a lifetime, so the groom has to think very carefully about her tastes.