These days, concepts of dating is changing rapidly. Long gone are the days when women had no option but to get married- be it for financial reasons or for security. Today women are independent and earn for themselves. As a result, many women choose to live alone than bother with the complications of getting a partner. But how do you stay truly happy when you are alone? Not everyone can pull this off. But here we have gathered a few tips which can work wonders for your mental health as a single woman if you follow them thoroughly.

Explore your hobbies

When you do not have to dedicate a lot of time to your partner, you have more time to explore your hobbies. There must be some things that you enjoy. When you are living alone, you have time and energy to explore all of those. Be it painting, reading a book, or simply sleeping- you can do everything you want unapologetically. 

Get a pet

If you really crave company but being there for a fellow human is rather tasking, get a pet. They give you unconditional love and company. They do not have any demands apart from food on time and playtime. They are often more emotionally available than another human being in the house. In all, having a pet is much better than the complications of a partnership. 

Engage in activities you love

The best part about being single is not having to share and compromise. You do not have to orient your likes and dislikes keeping in mind someone else’s happiness. You can indulge in all activities you ever wanted to explore. They are going to be solely your experience. There is a thrill of enjoying such experiences without being bound in a relationship. Once you realise this, you would definitely be the happiest single.

Travel a lot

Even for women, having a relationship is not just emotionally demanding but financially too. Imagine the money you save on phone bills, dinner dates, surprise gifts and what not. You will be able to afford travel plans easily when you do not have to worry about planning it for two. Moreover, you can plan whenever you want without having to coordinate with another person. No more, missing out of fun trips because your partner could not get his leaves approved at office.

Pleasure yourself whenever you want

One may argue, you miss out on physical intimacy without a relationship. But today we even have male sex doll which are the perfect substitute to a partner. There is no worries about emotional demands, responsibilities but you get all the pleasures of physical intimacy.

Do not keep expectations from dates

Last but not the least, if you are occasionally meeting people and going out on dates- do not have expectations. Having any kind of expectation can make you feel heartbroken later on. Instead be focused on your priority and clarify the other person about what you are looking for so that you are on the same boat.

Being single and happy is possible when you love yourself. We have shared some tried and tested tips to stay happy even when you are a single woman. When you are fully happy in your own life, you can enjoy your own company. From your hobbies to