The first thing you do after realizing you need to upgrade your PC is surf the internet. You get to know lots of new things, but it gets tedious and confusing at some point. Thanks to the internet, you can relax, have fun, and prepare for the continuous research ahead. What makes it more interesting is that there is always some kind of promotional offer that ensures you’ll be energized for a while.

Upgrading your PC is an exciting experience. You can upgrade your PC according to your needs. You can have the specs you’ve been thinking about for so long. But before doing anything on your own, consider these things to ensure you have a great time upgrading your PC.


If you’re having difficulties browsing pages, switching tabs, and multitasking, consider upgrading your RAM. You don’t need much technical knowledge and expertise to replace your RAM sticks. It is one of the first things to do while upgrading your PC. Upgrading RAM gives your PC an instant boost performance boost. 

All the storage-hungry apps that require lots of RAM will run smoothly without shutting down again and again. It will also allow you to run more applications in the background and switch between tabs smoothly. Although, you don’t need extra RAM for online gaming you can check to find out why.


Storage helps not only to store more data but also to increase the performance and speed of your PC. If you’re still using a hard drive, it’s high time you upgrade to a solid-state drive. Instead of spinning dives, solid state drives use a flash memory which is faster than hard drives.

A 7200RPM gets speeds of up to 150Mbps, and a solid-state drive can achieve over 500Mbps. A faster data drive means fast booting, less loading, and quick app launches. Previously, solid-state drives used to be very expensive and had much smaller capacities.

Graphics Card

Manufacturers provide integrated graphics instead of dedicated graphics cards to save on costs. For most users, integrated graphics do the work. But if you work with something that requires superior graphics, a graphics card will boost the performance. Once you have installed the graphic card, you need all you need to do is check its performance. For that, you can check out websites like, offering the best casino games for Vietnam players, and there are some casino classics and new games for every player. Here you can test your graphics card to its very limit, especially if you are into gambling, as the new games now are more immersive to offer a realistic experience. It is one of the best gambling portals with guides, bonuses, and game explanations, and is a good start for your new gaming PC. 


Upgrading your processor is very tricky. It requires a lot of patience and expertise. It is one of the costliest upgrades you can make to your PC. Upgrading your processor doesn’t mean increased performance and speed. 

Upgrading your processor is only worth it if you’re upgrading to the latest generation. Don’t upgrade your processor to a new one based on the clock speed. Not just this, but upgrading your processor would require you to check if the motherboard is compatible with the processor. If not, you may need a new motherboard. Along with this, you may also need a BIOS update to work. To avoid all this, check before you buy a new processor.

Software Upgrade

Most of the time, your PC is set to update programs automatically. If that’s not the case, just update as soon as you get the notification. It works most of the time, but sometimes, you just can’t make it work. 

A software update is detailed in the form of a minor, major revision. If the update says 0.0.1, it will fix minor bugs and glitches. 0.1.0 would mean introducing some minor features and software optimization. These updates would not do any harm. They should be installed right away.

But if the update says 1.0.0, then take some time and think about it. These updates use more resources than the previous versions. If your PC is already maxed out, deal with that first. Even the regular operating system updates are just for security reasons and performance. It is almost known that the newer versions will have some kind of bugs and glitches that will slow down your PC.

Other Upgrades

You can make other upgrades to your PC according to your uses. If you are a photographer, you might consider upgrading your monitor. Similarly, if gaming is your priority, you can upgrade the peripherals for better sensitivity, responsiveness, and experience. Before buying any parts, check if they’re compatible with the existing ones. For that, you can visit

If you’re planning to upgrade your PC, the basic ones to focus on are RAM, SSDs, and graphics cards. You should always upgrade according to your needs and don’t. Take your time and figure out what issues are present and what will solve them.