Spring, the season of blossoming life, is on its way, and many people could not be more excited to see their favorite flowers jutting up from under the hibernated soil and reintroducing themselves back into the world.

Not to forget the reminder that promised warmer weather should soon be coming, unlimited cookout season, and being able to enjoy outside bars and pools again.

If you have a little safe haven of your own outside in your backyard that you would like to style for the spring, then read on to find out more. 

What Furniture and Where? 

The likelihood is that your different furniture items are going to be the biggest pieces in your garden. That is unless you are planning on having some extravagant water fountains or other large statement ornaments.

This is why it is useful to start with the placement of those first. Think about where you will more than likely be sitting, what views you would like to look at, and where will be the most comfiest. 

If you already have some furniture you love, but want to make a change, consider upcycling, changing the color or style of the accessories, or even just a simple revarnish or repaint to give it more of a fresh, newer appearance. 

If your furniture has seen better days and a coat of paint just is not going to cut it, then head over to Forshaw outdoor furniture to treat yourself to some new seats, couches, or even a special hammock. Do not forget the cushions.

Get A Theme 

If you are not particularly designer-minded, you might wonder what the easiest way is to pull a look together when you want something to look nice. Usually, a theme can help with these difficulties. You can choose between a color scheme or branch out and choose a fully involved theme such as jungle or tropical island. Whatever you pick, you can find some inspiration from good old Google, which can help you put together some bits and pieces so you can complete the look. 

Think About Lighting 

Lighting is definitely something that is thought about last when it comes to the garden. However, when those summer nights kick in, even if the nights do stay lighter, eventually, you will need a helping hand so you can still see who you are talking to when the sun goes down. Lighting outside should definitely focus on ambiance rather than heavy practicability. For example- you want fairy lights, not floodlights. Other lights that might offer you the best of both worlds could be lanterns, solar lights for those who find it difficult to get a power source outside, or some tall, soft light lamps. 


There is nothing like accessories to help tie a whole look together, and depending on what aesthetic you have gone for, it will depend on what accessories will look best. If you have opted for just a couple of colors, choose some accessories in colors that will complement. If you have chosen a theme- get creative.