The field of engineering and construction is one of the most developed industries in the entire U.A.E. It has contributed the most to the rapid development of the U.A.E in the past two decades. Contract making and resolving is also a part of this industry. Whether the contract is a small one or a large one, disputes are bound to make their way into dealings now and then.

Consulting Dubai lawyers

Prevention or solving a dispute is essential for the clients as well as the lawyers. It is because of the trust and reputation attached with every contract signed before signing a contract. Once harmed, the same level of respect is very had to regain in the community’s eyes.

When such circumstances arise, the best option is to approach lawyers in Dubai who can deal with disputes and make them go away quickly. Consultation with Dubai lawyers can help one navigate his way towards a settlement with the other party.

Lawyers in U.A.E know a lot of ways by which they can find resolve disputes between two parties or a group of people. These services can make the process hassle-free and can prevent any productivity loss. Before solving matters, lawyers in Abu Dhabi go through all previous or current contracts. A contract can either be verbal or written.

Reviewing Contracts

To avoid disputes and misunderstandings, Dubai lawyers make sure that it is in a written form rather than a verbal one. The attorneys pen down the little details concerning the prices, staff, deadlines, and responsibilities. In case a contract is breached, the original terms and conditions should be there for comparison. This written contract is signed between two parties and presented in front of lawyers in Dubai to prepare a case against the other party.

If the matters are taken for litigation, a written contract is always preferred over a verbal one. If an oral contract binds a party, it needs to have witnesses confirming the agreement signed between two parties.

Moreover, reviewing a contract is a critical task. Lawyers in Sharjah have a habit of checking the agreement themselves despite all the claims by their clients. It is as simple as that. This way, lawyers in U.A.E can look for a breach in contract and identify that particular statement. They can also have an idea to which extent a violation of a specific clause has been done. All terms and conditions are verified to avoid any misunderstandings in comprehending the contract.

Dubai lawyers are quick at identifying a breach in contract and build a strong case out of it.  Similarly, if it comes to the attention of lawyers in Sharjah that their client is the one who is at fault, they are quick to propose corrective measures accordingly.

Negotiation Strategy

The points mentioned above were to prevent an argument from happening basically. Now, we move towards the actual part where a dispute has arisen between two different parties. When this is the case, Dubai lawyers promote better communication between two parties.

  Lawyers in Dubai act as a linking source for them and bring the two parties to the same table. In this scenario, then a solicitor remains neutral. Neither does he accuse any party of having done something wrong, nor does he become defensives towards his client.

Dubai lawyer sits with each party and listens to their queries and complaints to develop the best solution for all. However, it is advised to consult an expert on construction disputes as he is well-versed with the local law and its terms. This way, your next time is determined to follow the law. Construction lawyers in Dubai are the most skilled and will guide you smoothly through the entire negotiation process.

Mediation & Involvement of Third Party

If the negotiation part does not go as planned, mediation becomes necessary. This occurs when a third party is not only enlisted but also involved in the formal negotiation methodology. It becomes the primary job of the third party to help fighting parties come to an agreement and resolve their disputes. A construction dispute lawyer in Dubai is supervising all the points under discussion.

When all that can be done is done and no common ground can be found between the two parties, the matters are taken towards litigation. Litigation is the last option for every client as well as the lawyer.

Lawyers in Sharjah, lawyers in Abu Dhabi and lawyers in Dubai try their best to wrap up legal matters before coming to the point of litigation. Usually, the lawyers who are already on the case step back when issues approach litigation and instead, a new litigation lawyer is hired to proceed with matters in court.

This time both parties are represented by different lawyers in front of the legal court, where a judge is entitled to decide on his own as per the law. Therefore, it becomes an absolute necessity to hire experienced lawyers that are not only capable of representing your entire case in court but can also win it for you.

Litigation Lawyers in U.A.E

The clients often avoid litigation as it is a very time consuming and costly process. It is kept as a last resort, and therefore, all possible solutions and amendments are proposed beforehand so that litigations and courtrooms can be avoided altogether.  That is why it is the priority of lawyers in U.A.E to come up with the best possible solutions at the beginning so that a relationship between clients and their contractors can be preserved.

The Dubai lawyers understand that it is very hard to mend a broken relation, especially if there are trust issues between two parties. The lawyers in Dubai try their best to clear misconceptions that are prevailing and reconstruct not only the contract but also the cordial relation between two parties.

Summing it up

The lawyers in Dubai try their best to resolve construction disputes between a contractor and their clients. There are many construction dispute lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai that can help you out with the drafting and terminating of a contract. Our legal associates are best at providing services in all parts of the U.A.E and helping out their clients.