It is important to think carefully about all aspects of buying a house or apartment, as this will commit you to many years to come. To start, ask yourself these 25 questions before your first real estate purchase. This will allow you to understand the various points to study and will guide you to useful advice and information on a given topic. read more

Consider listings for apartments or homes for sale in the city or neighborhood you’re interested in. Make your preferences clear for each room in the home, especially if you’re buying together. What would your ideal home be made of? With an open or separate equipped kitchen? What kind of kitchen? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, or bathrooms, etc.? What minimum size for the living room, the stay? With a fireplace or with a lot big enough for children or to garden?

The more clearly you define your search criteria, the more efficient your selection of homes or apartments will be. Take the accommodation piece by room and think about what it should be made up of. Is the view more important than a south or west orientation or that being closer to the center of the city or the floor number?

Depending on the offers in your local market, you will surely have to make concessions. So set your priorities and your most. You can even paint a picture of your ideal apartment with everything it would be made of and see what would be best suited to trigger the famous “favorite”.

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Calculating your budget

Many people dream of having a beautiful villa, but what will strongly condition your acquisition is your maximum financial capacity. The first step in your process should be to take all the time necessary to calculate your budget accurately.

This will condition the rest of your project and usefully direct your research to what is really possible.

You can complete these items by looking for the best possible home loan for your acquisition. Learn about financial aid and your borrowing capacity, including how much to borrow. This will allow you to optimize your budget and thus it will be easier to buy a house or an apartment, especially by getting a good home loan rate.

To negotiate well with banks, here are 15 tips to get a better credit rate.

Negotiate the price of housing

House prices are very high. One of the crucial steps of your project will be to properly negotiate the price of the accommodation that will match your research. To be successful, you will need to find out how much you can lower the price compared to the price the seller charges for this apartment or for this house. Your goal should be to get the most beautiful house or apartment possible in relation to your budget. Negotiation will depend on supply and demand. There is more competition for the purchase of a 2-room apartment in Paris than for an old dwelling or a house of 4 rooms or more in an average provincial city.

Have you found a home you like and are ready to become a homeowner? So don’t neglect to write your offer to buy this home after studying real estate diagnostics to better understand the condition of the property.

Examine the costs of your home purchase and learn how to reduce them

When you purchase a home, you have to pay a lot of fees in addition to the price of the property. Some must be settled as soon as the transaction is signed and others each year. Find out all the costs of buying a property. For example, what is very expensive in France when buying real estate is what is commonly called notary fees which include both numerous taxes levied by the notary on behalf of the state and the remuneration of the notary for the acts performed.