The location of the air conditioner, the quality of its installation and how you use it – affect its integrity and power consumption. An expert air conditioner technician has brought us some tips to save on repair costs and electricity bills.

The average citizen spends most of the summer months in an air-conditioned space. During these months the air conditioner works long hours non-stop during the day and evening and even at night. Sometimes, due to misconduct, unprofessional installation or problematic location of the air conditioner – the electricity bill can get too large. Here are some tips to help you reduce the power consumption of your home air conditioner.

Periodic cleaning of the filters in the air conditioner is necessary. Clogged filters cause the air conditioner to strain more in order to cool the house and increase the power consumption. Also, if the filters are particularly clogged, the air conditioner may not cool the house at all.

The frequency of cleaning varies depending on the living areas. If there is a construction site or main road in the residential area, it will be necessary to clean the filters frequently. The location of the apartment also affects the frequency of cleaning the filters. Air conditioners in apartments on low floors require filters to be cleaned more frequently than air conditioners in apartments on high floors.

In private homes, the indoor units of central air conditioners are most often installed in the roof space. The problem is that the higher the temperature in the roof space, the lower the efficiency of the air conditioner, and as is well known, in summer the temperatures are particularly high. The temperature in the roof space can be treated by ventilation or insulation of the shingles, thus saving a lot of energy and also reducing the chances of malfunctions. It is important to know that as the air conditioner works in harsh environmental conditions, the probability of malfunctions increases.

It is important to make sure that the air-conditioned space is airtight so that there is no penetration of hot air from outside. To do this, do not leave windows open (especially in the hot hours). This is because as the heat load increases, the air conditioner works harder, thereby wasting a large amount of energy. If the window is open near the indoor unit, drops of moist water may form on the cold air outlets from the air conditioner.

AC maintenance plays a crucial and a very important role in improving your air conditioner unit performance and lasting. Good maintenance helps ensure proper airflow and drainage, Remember, make sure to clean your filters once every few months to make sure your air conditioner does not get clogged and fail to cool or warm properly. Filters may need more frequent attention. If your air conditioner is used frequently, is subject to dusty space, or you got pets in your home, you probably need to check the filters more often. That’s it, we hope these tips helped you, good luck and stay happy!