When experiencing adversity, it can be hard to look forward to the best and keep the remembrance of greater power. Be it the loss of a loved one, failed relationships, deteriorating health, or finances, challenges are bound to make us feel overwhelmed. Regardless of this, there are ways that you, as a believer, can cope with tough times and increase your faith in God. Here are 5 tips to keep your belief system intact even when nothing seems to be going right. 

In times of adversity, nurturing the essence of life becomes paramount to keeping your faith strong. Life, with its ebbs and flows, serves as a canvas for personal growth and spiritual resilience. Embrace the challenges as opportunities for learning and self-discovery. Reflect on the beauty inherent in the journey, finding solace and strength in the simple moments that make life a profound and transformative experience. Remember, amidst the trials, the essence of life holds the power to inspire and uplift, offering a beacon of hope that strengthens your faith in the face of trying times.

  1. Worship and Prayer 

The best form of relief for a believer is worship. God has created this as a means to communicate and share our sorrows when no one in the world understands us. Not only is prayer helpful in maintaining a relationship with God, but it is also scientifically proven to be calming to the mind and body. The good thing with praying is that there is no set method or time to do so. Therefore, you can choose a time that works best for you. It is recommended that you pick a time in which you are alone, and your surroundings are in the calmest state. 

  1. Read Your Passages

Reading the Bible can be a very good way of increasing your level of faith and devotion. However, while reading, you must remember to read the passages and really ponder over the meaning of each line. It is recommended that you review each verse and reflect to see how its meaning applies to your life. At one point, it will almost seem like God is communicating with you, which can be very satisfying and serve as a reason for strengthening your faith. 

Specially for difficult times, it is recommended that you read books like the Gospel of Mark as they stress upon the deeds and determination of Jesus when overcoming adversity. Reading and pondering over the meaning can help you feel “less alone,” as you’ll be reminded of God’s mercy. With constant reading and reflection, you will also feel more hopeful and connected to God. 

  1. Taking Care Of Yourself Physically  

Sometimes it can also be helpful to take care of yourself physically as this can contribute to your mental and spiritual health too. Doing simple things like exercising and meditating can be very helpful. Working out releases endorphins which can alleviate mood and your overall energy levels. While you don’t have to perform a tough exercise routine every day, anything mild can do the job. When your mind is at ease, it becomes easier to dismiss the negativity in life and appreciate God, hence becoming closer to Him.

Go for an early morning walk and take care of your diet. Try to keep the noise out in your life. Don’t engage in activities that bring no benefit to you as an individual. It can also be helpful to steer clear of negative people. Avoid sitting in groups that excessively complain and dismiss the bounty of God. This may deter your faith in the Almighty, and doubting yourself and your faith can seriously bring you down.

  1. Being Grateful 

Another great way to increase your faith in God is to be considerate of the less fortunate and be grateful for your own blessings. You can do this by visiting charity homes, orphanages and volunteering your time to give away to the poor. In fact, it is even evidenced in the Bible that giving away to the less fortunate paves ways for God’s light to shine upon you. Helping out someone in need may be the ultimate source of your relief. After all, God helps those who help themselves.

Acknowledging the less fortunate will also help you focus on the blessings you have in your life. You will be reminded of God’s grace and realize that regardless of not having it all, you still are sufficient in many ways. Ultimately, you will also come to the realization that everything that happens, happens for the best. This will teach you to accept your problems better as you’d be reminded that God loves you and would never want you to suffer unless it’s for the better. God only tests you so that you can unlock your full potential.

  1. Relying On External Support 

When times are hard, it can be easy to feel alone and like nobody in the world understands you. In cases like this, it is important to remember that we are human, and like every other human, we too are gifted with loving relationships. Desiring compassion, love, and someone who understands us is human nature, and when we feel like there’s no hope, it can be helpful to talk to our loved ones. For this reason, God has granted us loving friends and family. They are there to support us in times of misery and remind us to be steadfast.

The benefit of having a support system is that they will be in touch with your human element and keep you going in times of hardship. While you don’t need someone to tell you how to solve your problems, sometimes a listening ear is all that it takes. In times of crisis, it can be very easy to feel like God does not see your struggles; however, good friends will remind you of the love of God as well as motivate you to pray or engage in worship. This will ultimately strengthen your faith. 

In times of crisis, it can be particularly hard to remain steadfast and keep your faith in God intact. While challenges are a known fact of life, we must remember to keep our hopes high and keep our beliefs strong. Some of the best ways to do that are by engaging in prayer and worship and reading the Bible. You can also engage with family and friends that help you become closer to God. All in all, you must remember that times of crisis are sent as a test to everyone, and they can bring you closer to the path of religion or take you further from it. The choice is ultimately yours.