Credit scores play a vital and important role in the modern economy. Credit is arguably one of the most important factors that affect modern consumers, as it is used to approve consumers for various services. Having access to accurate, convenient credit reports is something that not only benefits a business but a consumer. Being able to provide this kind of service in-house doesn’t just speed up the process, but also goes a long way to improving customer experience. 

With no third-party navigation, being able to produce instant, in-house credit reporting is something that can benefit a lot of various business types. If you have been curious about integrating credit reporting software into your business, here are some tips to keep in mind.  

Work With Professionals

When it comes to creating a business credit reporting service, there are a lot of factors to consider. Credit is such a fundamental part of the consumer economy, you can probably imagine that there is a heavy amount of compliance that comes with the territory. Giving your customers the ability to access their credit reports in-house does a lot to drive customer experience forward. 

The benefit of having an in-house credit reporting service is undeniable. It helps to move processes forward in a timely manner, and it provides your customer and your business with important information. There’s no outsourcing, and ultimately it can help to improve the customer experience overall. However, the actual process of making this happen can be difficult. 

API technology has a lot of advantages, like being able to integrate in several unique and creative ways, but it is also a technical process. Not only can there be a lot of technical difficulties, but the compliance demands on credit reporting services are very strict. Currently, there are 115 pages in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and there is a high expectation for compliance. Even small innocent mistakes can result in companies being permanently barred from accessing this kind of data in the future.

Working with a team of dedicated professionals who know this industry inside and out should be your first option. Unless you have the kind of talent and knowledge in-house, don’t go through this process alone. Having highly trained professionals who can handle the back end of the technical issues, while also navigating compliance is key. This way you can not only get top-notch credit score API integration that works but successfully avoid the unfortunate results of being non-compliant. 

Don’t Fudge on Branding 

One of the biggest advantages of providing an in-house credit reporting service is improving the customer experience. This means that you shouldn’t compromise on branding. CRS is a leader in the credit API field that understands the importance of making an impression. As the world has grown and technology has increased the ability that customers have to see and interact with businesses, the challenge of standing out from the crowd has increased. 

The internet has brought competition in the marketplace to a whole new level. So finding unique ways of standing out from the crowd is hard. Providing a credit reporting service is already a step in the right direction, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your brand. That’s why CRS has widgets and tools that can be customized to fit your branding and experience. This takes the most important aspect of having a credit reporting service and makes it even better. 

Provide Consumer Credit Reports

When most people think of an in-house credit reporting service, it’s for a specific reason. You need to vet a new tenant before allowing them to sign a lease, or you are investigating a client who is applying for a loan. One way that you can a take credit reporting service and use it to further your customer loyalty, is by providing consumer credit reports as a service. Integrate this feature in customer-friendly widgets so they can have access to their credit report whenever they want. 

Apps, Widgets, and Webservices

One of the biggest advantages of using credit API technology is that you can decide where to place your credit reporting service. This can be used by businesses on their websites that need to preapprove customers in order to offer credit-approved services. This kind of convenience helps the customer stay on your website, and keeps their attention. This also allows for your team to have clarity into what leads your teams need to focus on. 


You can also put this kind of service into applications, and allow the convenience to be accessed by customers from the comfort of their phones. Using a credit reporting API, you can connect this service to your website, HR system, applications, or even your CRM. With help from a team of highly trained professionals who can take the headache out of this process, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to implement credit reporting where you need to.