Besides needing lots of exercise, active dog breeds also need to have a lot of mental stimulation. One of the best parts of owning a high energy dog is that they’re almost always up for new adventures. Here are some ways that you can help your dog stay happy and safe when you’re being active together.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

A lot of exertion can cause acute dehydration in dogs, particularly when the weather is hot and humid. When you’re heading out anywhere with your pup, you should get in the habit of always bringing some cold water and a travel bowl. You can’t count on finding water when you reach your destination. Ideally, you want to be able to offer your dog some refreshment as soon as you notice it looks parched. Ultimately, being attentive to your dog’s hydration will make its activities more enjoyable and spare it from the anxiety of not knowing when it will have a chance to get a drink.

The best containers for taking water along for your pup are made of stainless steel. They’ll keep water cold all day long! A collapsible travel bowl can clip onto the side of your bag, and they’re typically dishwasher-safe.

Take Care of Your Dog’s Paws

When you’re walking somewhere with your dog on a warm day, it’s crucial that you pay attention to the temperature of the ground. On warm days, pavement can reach scalding hot temperatures.

Try to avoid paved areas when you’re going somewhere with your dog on a hot day. You may be able to get your dog used to wearing booties that will protect its paw pads from burns. These also come in handy during winter weather when there are salt or other ice melt agents on the ground that can cause chemical burns.

To soothe dry paw pads or chapped noses, a non-toxic dog balm for dogs can offer considerable relief. The best balms are made from natural ingredients and are totally safe for your dog to lick.

Shield Your Dog From the Sun

Just like people, dogs are vulnerable to UV rays. Short-haired breeds can be especially prone to sunburn. Even longer haired breeds can sustain serious damage on their ears and other areas where their fur isn’t very dense. Of course, every dog’s nose is highly susceptible to sun damage.

A whole day of outdoor adventures may call for some dog-friendly sunscreen. Don’t apply sunscreen for humans on a dog because it may have ingredients that aren’t safe for a dog to lick.

Travel Safely

Energetic dogs tend to get really pumped up about car rides. When you’re driving any substantial distance with your dog, you have to be conscientious about making the trip as safe as possible.

A lot of dogs like to ride up front with their owners, but it could be dangerous. An excited pup could decide to jump on you to revel in the excitement, or it could accidentally change what gear you’re in! If your dog is going to be up front, you should have it in a harness that buckles securely. Typically, however, it’s safer to have your fur baby in the back.

It’s also good to buckle up for safety when your dog is riding in the backseat. Stopping short could cause your pup to take a hard tumble or strike its head. In addition to buckling in, you can get a travel mat that will cover your back seat and function as a divider between the rear and front of your vehicle.

Planning fun activities for your dog and spending time together will make it super happy. Take your favorite furry family member to new destinations frequently, and try to make it a point to include it in your recreational activities. Have lots of fun, but make sure safety is your number one focus when you’re on-the-go with your favorite furry adventure buddy.