When operating a Facebook business page, having followers and a good number of Facebook Likes is a good start. However, conversion should be your ultimate goal.

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a hotly debated method of converting followers and first-time visitors into customers. Ads can be a great way to pin down your ideal customer, thereby giving you a greater chance of the person viewing your ad wanting to actually buy the ad content. However, there is a financial commitment you’re making, often to unpredictable results, when committing to buy Facebook Ads, so tread cautiously. Make sure that the technical side of your ads is in tip-top shape before taking the leap—check that your URL’s are in order and that your email subscription is up to date. The last thing you want is to be paying for something you haven’t prepared for, leaving you worse than when you started.

  1. Post fresh content regularly and at the right times

Go back and take a look at your best posts. Why were they your best? How did they uniquely engage your followers? Knowing where you’ve been successful in the past can help you determine how to plan successful conversion in the future. Evaluate at what time of the day your posts best reach your followers—and if you don’t know yet, experiment with posting at different times until you do. Posting regularly will aid you in understanding your followers: specifically, their viewing habits and preferences, which could lead to purchases. Remember that these are individuals who have willingly chosen to give their loyalty to you. Honor that decision by maintaining high quality standards and by avoiding spam. If you begin to treat your followers like a means to your end, they’ll quickly catch on and leave your page. 

  1. Observe your competitors

Is there a brand or a business that is similar to yours on Facebook but that seems to be scoring all of the clients? Research why. Take note of their successful marketing campaigns and even their less successful—not to blindly copy, but rather to observe trends and adjust your campaigns accordingly. Does your competitor have higher quality pictures and videos on their page? Do they pair their promotional content with current events? You want your brand to stand out to potential customers, but there are common marketing techniques that you can learn and apply by occasionally perusing your competitor’s page.

  1. Host giveaways

Finally, you can give potential customers a small taste of what they could be purchasing from your business by hosting giveaways. The caveat here is that your giveaway isn’t about giving away free merchandise—it’s about encouraging heavy participation and engagement. Add rules to your giveaway that require the contestant to be an active follower of your business page and that require that same contestant to tag three of their friends in the comment section of your post. You can be creative in any way that suits your business, but ultimately you should come away from the giveaway with a greater understanding of your ideal customer and a larger fanbase.