Granite countertops are a great choice that will enhance the “wow” factor in any home. The wide variety of patterns and colors make them ideal for homeowners who prefer a natural, yet elegant look.

But introducing granite in your kitchen is not all about choosing the right stone. You have to pick a fabricator who is obsessed with perfection and offers the best services. Here’s a detailed guide to finding such an installer:

1. Search Locally

The best place to find an installer you can trust is your immediate environment. Even though installers from other areas may also offer top-notch services, there are benefits associated with trusting local installers with your project:

  • They are easily reachable and are likely to respond better if you need them even after the project is complete. 
  • They offer the best services to increase their popularity in the region.

When looking for the best place for granite countertops in Indiana, The Granite Shop should be a great place to start. They encourage homeowners to visit their showroom to see, touch, and feel the material in person so that they can make an experience-based decision.

2. Ask Around

If you have friends or family members who’ve got granite countertops that amaze you, there’s no need to make the search complicated. Simply ask them for the details of the fabricator (promise them you won’t go for a similar installation).

Don’t forget to ask them about the quality of service they received, so you can make an informed decision.

3. Check Out Reviews

Even if you want to pick the installer based on recommendations, make sure you look at the reviews of the services they’ve offered before. Some installers start great but then change somewhere along the way.

Make sure to concentrate on the most recent reviews to get the best idea of what their services are like lately.

4. Meet With at Least 3 Fabricators

Don’t make the mistake of rushing things and hiring the very first installer that you meet with. You need different views and estimates so that you can pick the best for your situation. Thus, visiting or meeting with at least 3 installers would be a great idea.

In the meetings, make sure to ask as many questions as you can to gauge their suitability for the installation task.

5. During Viewing, Ask to See the Entire Slab

To make an even stronger decision based on experience and not information alone, make sure that you see the entire granite slab. That’s because a small sample may not be an ideal representation of what you expect in the final product. You don’t want a situation where you end up with a finished countertop that has colors, splotches, or veins that you didn’t expect.

A renowned installer should understand your request and be more than happy to show you the entire product. If not, you may want to move on to the next fabricator.

6. Confirm That There Are No Hidden Fees

Don’t make commitments without first reading the fine print to ensure there are no additional fees for the installation. This is crucial if you’re working on a tight budget you can’t afford to overshoot.

Some of the key areas where some installers “hide” the extra fees include cutouts for cooktops or sinks and additional installation fees. A common indicator for hidden fees is a very low price that looks too good to be true (in most cases, it is).

And There You Have It!

Of course, there are additional tips for choosing the best granite countertop installer in your region, such as assessing their process, studying their portfolio, finding out what tech they utilize, and others.

The tips mentioned in this article will, however, be a great boost when choosing a qualified fabricator for your granite installation project. But make sure to take enough time to make a well-thought-out decision.

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