Tips for Buying the Best Quality Redgum Firewood (Including Benefits)

Best Quality Redgum Firewood

When you were buying your usual stock of redgum firewood, did you know that you have to look beyond the price before you order your bulk? And if you haven’t been considering them before, we believe it might be the right time!

The calorific value, quality of the wood, delivery unit, and type of wood are the soul key terms for choosing your firewoods instead of the alluring 50-60% discounts on the woods that are a bum when you try to burn them.

So here are some tips before you buy your redgum firewood for sale:

The length of the log:

The logs length should easily fit onto the oven furnace, so when you are buying them, pay special attention to the length. If you buy the redgum from an online firewood supplier, make sure you ask them about the sizes before placing your order. 

You don’t want to deal with the axe later on!

The small opening stove can fit in approximately 25-30cm wood length while a large furnace can fit in length upto 50 cm. 

The calorific value of the wood:

The calorific value helps determine the thermal energy in the substance, which means the wood with higher calorific value burns for a longer time.

Every wood has a different calorific value. Make sure you go for kiln-dried firewood that has a calorific value of about 2,100-3,200. 

The low-quality firewoods are cheaper because they have a low calorific value. 

Ask all that’s important:

Ask all the right questions before engaging in any deal. Questions like the condition of the woods from the dealer, how have they stored the woods, are they ethical, how do they keep the wood’s moisture free? 

All these practices help you identify the genuineness of the seller. 

‘Redgum firewood for sale is not the only attractive scheme you should go for. Well, let’s see some common questions that wood sellers want you to skip out!

  • Do the suppliers supply woods at your doorstep, and if they do, how much do they charge for so?
  • Do they include the taxes in the prices, or is it exclusive of it?
  • If you buy the box or the mixture of woods, then what types of firewood shall be included in the mixture?

Buy what you know:

There are so many varieties of woods, and while it might be tempting to try them, we recommend you stick to your original taste of the firewood quality. The low-grade woods sound tempting on the price but loot you in the long run. 

Often their moisture content is not less than 25 percent, and they tend to produce heavy smoke when you try to light them. So, buy what you know, and we recommend you not buy anything in the name of high-quality wood. 

Why is redgum the right choice for your home?

  • Redgum is extracted from the very intense areas of the forest, and therefore, it’s not very difficult to burn them, and neither do they radiate too much smoke.
  • Since the Redgum firewood burns easily without hassle, they do not leave the ash residue behind. This means it becomes quite easy to clean them off without investing any additional time. 
  • Redgum firewood comes in long lengths and burns for a fairly long period of time. 
  • Redgum can easily withstand weather conditions like storms and excessive dry seasons without wearing, making it an excellent breed for storage.

So, what’s the wait? Order your bulk redgum firewood today to enjoy high-class firewood and at an economical price. Hurry! Before the stocks run out!