The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course of the world drastically. Half of the world is under lockdown in 2021 and online shopping is becoming the new normal. In this way, Amazon businesses are flourishing in a great way. Millions of products are selling on Amazon every month and sellers are making tons of bucks. But flourishing your business to a greater extent and making your brand well regarded on Amazon takes a little effort. Although millions of sellers are registered but not all of them are successful in selling. 

In this article, we will talk about a few very simple and easy tips to sell on Amazon through which you can easily sell more and generate a flow of revenue. 


As millions of brands are selling same products with same features with just a different brand name, it is a little challenging for the sellers to sell their products among them. If your product is not unique and many other brands have registered the same product then go for the plan B. To attract your customers, always keep your prices lower than others so that when your customers compare all the brands, they tend to consider yours. Another benefit of keeping the prices low is that your product will be shown on top of the search list. It is a great technique for selling your products more. 


Whenever a customer orders something, he first views the photos of products. If the photos are in low quality and do not justify the quality of products, it gives a bad impression to your customers. The trick of attracting your customers towards your product is to make your product eye catching. Make it look like something that customers would order instantly. And how does it happen? To make your product fancy and premium, always attach professional photos of the products – the ones which justify product quality. If you do this, your products would look more attractive and better than others which definitely helps you out to catch more customers. You find some guide freelancer on fiverr to help you on this


Another trick of excelling in your Amazon business is to always make quality your priority. Always list on authentic and premium quality products to meet the standards of Amazon and attract customers. If you follow this, you can become a renowned seller within no time! If a customer orders from you and likes your quality, he will definitely order from you again and become your regular customer as well as recommend your brand to others too. 


There is nothing more satisfying for a customer than a fast order delivery. Suppose the order of a customer gets delivered too late, he will get offended and never order from the same seller again even if the product quality is top notch. If you want to increase your sales, make fast order fulfilment your top priority. You can ship the order on your own or through Amazon FBA. Your orders may get delivered late sometimes if you ship them on your own, it is better if you go for Amazon FBA for fast delivery. 


Whenever a customer places an order, first he reads the reviews of the products you have listed on. If the reviews of your products are good, he would consider your products among millions of products listed by various brands. To increase your sales, you must get good reviews on your products. You can get a guice on how to get positive reviews here


• Sell authentic products so the customers will automatically posts good reviews about your products. 

• Always make your customer service on the point – fast delivery, fast return & exchange policy. 

• Never sell too expensive products otherwise you will get reviews like “OVERRATED”, “OMG, TOO EXPENSIVE” etc. 


Amazon has strict rules and regulations which all the sellers must follow. If a seller follow such rules, Amazon has an algorithm (which is not known) through which the seller will get Amazon buy box which really helps to increase sales. If sellers do not follow Amazon’s rules, they can get easily banned, sales will stop and business will end. 


Not keeping a check on your inventory can cause serious problems. When you have products in stock and you get an order, you can easily ship it within no time but if you don’t regularly keep your inventory checked and products get out of stock, you get an order and you are unable to deliver it on time, it gives a really bad impression to your customers and they would never order again. If you don’t keep your inventory regularly checked, you can face some serious consequences that can affect your business too. 


No matter how premium quality products you are selling, if you don’t spread the news then all your efforts can go in vain. If you have started running a brand on Amazon or have recently registered yourself as a seller then you need to know how important product advertisement is. First make a proper budget for running your ads, choose the product you think might attract the customers and you are good to go. The advantage of running ads is that it helps to make your products popular which really helps in increasing sales. So, if you are facing issues in sales and haven’t started running ads then don’t lose hope because you still have a chance! 


It is concluded that no matter how good your products are, if you don’t do business through a strategy and tricks, you can’t excel. You need to properly advertise your products, follow the rules, take care of customer service, sell authentic products to get good reviews and keep checking internet to know more tips on how to increase your sales.